Yanna, behaviour centered research & design

Hi, I'm Yanna, an independent design consultant based in Spain, but working internationally. I help social and environmental impact organizations to design innovative solutions that address complex challenges. My methodology combines human-centered design and behaviour change strategies.
Yanna, behaviour centered research & design

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 I am really passionate about protecting nature and wildlife. Although my design experience stems mostly from healthcare, humanitarian aid, agriculture and climate change resilience programs (you can see some examples here https://designfollowsinsight.com/projects/), I have also worked on developing a biodiversity monitoring and reporting innovation strategy. I would love to be able to put design innovation in the service of conservation. 

I believe that understanding the drivers and barriers of human behaviour in relation to environmental challenges is essential in order to design sustainable and transformative community programs. My goal is to facilitate a design process to create tools, services and programs that drive sustainable and systemic change to protect ecosystems and wildlife.

I am currently working on my own design research project to better understand the challenges and best practices when designing and implementing community conservation programs. In this context, I would  love to talk to conservation professionals who are:

a) Working on a challenge that involves human behaviour and would like to potentially explore and experiment with new ideas (e.g. beyond awareness campaigns & well established educational programs).

b) Experiencing some difficulties with community adoption/ engagement after launching an intervention, a new program and would like to better understand the reasons and to explore alternative solutions.

In return for sharing your experience and reflections, I perhaps could offer a fresh perspective, some honest feedback or a new idea for something to try out.

I am very happy to be a member of this community and looking forward to learning and connecting with people of different backgrounds!

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
about 1 month ago

Welcome to WildHub, Yanna! Your design project sounds fascinating. Have you checked out the Diversity, equity, inclusion channel? It might be a way to find members discussing human behavior challenges.

Go to the profile of Yanna Vogiazou
about 1 month ago

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction Lara! I will check out the channel and try to post an invite for a conversation on human behaviour challenges and community engagement.