Young reporter interviews park rangers

At Peace for Conservation, we empower children to tell their own wildlife and conservation stories trough media. For some Wednesday inspiration, please have a look at this video in which young reporter, Janet Mkami, interviews park rangers.
Young reporter interviews park rangers

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At Peace for Conservation, we empowers children to tell their own wildlife conservation and social stories through media. One such young reporter for wildlife conservation, Janet Mkami, interviews park rangers in the video below. 

Janet: "In your opinion, what is the value of conservationists for communities?"

Mobilization and continuing to provide conservation education to communities. To be on the front line for protection of the environment and wildlife, which benefits national income (Anna Reward Mshanga, Ranger at the Kijereshi Game Reserve, Tanzania). 

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over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for sharing yet another brilliant interview from a young conservationist. Do the young people you work with come up with the questions themselves?