Please deliver suggestions and technical support to help us could realize two our commitment on Sharm El-Sheikh to Kunming Action Agenda for Nature and People as the link:

Nguyen Van Kien on Jul 09, 2020 • 3 answer
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First commitment :The Plant Resource Center/Vietnam/Asia, will develop research on plant genetic resources for conservation and use for food and agriculture, and relevant areas by designing and implementing plans, programmes, projects, including goals, actions, evaluation and relevant indicators on plant genetic resources conservation and social/environmental and economic issues. Second commitment: Strengthening Capacity Building in Ecosystem and Environment Services in Protected Areas in Vietnam


Thanks for your question Nguyen, could you please clarify what you need help with? This way, our community will know how best to help you.

Thirza Loffeld on Jul 14, 2020
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In fact, this is a technical issue. Due to concepts, context and goal, we will consider them at regional, national levels. Indicators/ parameters will be used and how to measure them as well as mechanism and policy to cover this goals

Nguyen Van Kien on Jul 22, 2020
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I'd be happy to chat with you about capacity building if you're still looking for suggestions. See my WildHub profile for my email address. Best wishes, Lucy

Lucy Tallents on Sep 21, 2020
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