Does anybody know how Integrated conservation and development projects (ICDPs) can access COVID-19 emergency relief support?

Thirza Loffeld on Sep 01, 2020 • 7 answer
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This question is based on a recent call for help from our new member Datu in the South Philippines: Thanks in advance for your help!


I will write Datu.
Generally, there are multiple levels of indigenous organisations in-country (local, national, regional). These organisations are very effective and have their own networks and often even funds available. These systems are stressed during COVID and funding are weak, nonetheless, a national IPO is still the best place to start highlighting the issue. More information can be on their websites and one can always contact them. These organisations know what structures are already in place, the risks facing communities both from COVID or the government and will ensure that culturally appropriate strategies can be implemented. Once a connection is made, you can offer support should you be in a position to do so. Hope this is useful to some.

Thomas Worsdell on Sep 01, 2020
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Thanks very much Thomas for your quick response and for connecting with Datu, greatly appreciated!

Thirza Loffeld on Sep 01, 2020
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Hi Datu,

We at Global Greengrants Fund compiled a list of COVID-19 funding and campaigning resources for environmental activists here - I hope it's useful.

Eva Rehse on Sep 02, 2020
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Thanks very much Eva for compiling and sharing this valuable resource overview. I will make sure that your message reaches Datu.

Thirza Loffeld on Sep 02, 2020
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Dear madam Thirza, Madam Eva and Sir Thomas :

Greetings to you all!

It is our very privilege in the name of the creator, unseen spirits and our ancestors to give you thanks for your mercy.

We thought that we are alone and will disappear soon due to the pressing issues and challenges in our tribal communities.

As the best friends of the mother earth we need to protect it as home and life. If we lost our remaining sacred forest then we lost our spiritual connection to the mother earth.

Very sad that we face challenges of deforestation, wildlife trading and sacred forest land selling due the absence of sustainable food security. Poverty push tribal leaders became tribal dealers they sold hundreds of hectares to capitalists just to buy for food.

As of this moment, we felt empty, the presence of the pandemic crisis plagued the tribal communities. Yesterday, the city declared a one month total Lockdown due the increasing number of positive covid casis and the local transmission.

The elders are worried about our survival, it is said that we will not be killed by the covid 19 but we will be killed by this hunger.

I always prayed to the creator to find kind people who will help us to survive while protecting the remaining sacred forest. The story was, I added madam Thirza and told her about our situation. Thanks to the creator as she let me became a member of wuldhub community.

She helped linking me to potential kind donors for us to survive. For this, all I can say is thank you so much beautiful souls for giving us chance to continue our journey.

May the creator triple your blessings. Love and respect

Datu Lanelio Sangcoan
Eco warrior, tribal leader and Chairman of the indigenous peoples led non profit organization

Datu Lanelio Sangcoan on Sep 02, 2020
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Dear madam Thirza, Sir Thomas and Madam Eva!

I would like to give you updates that the creator is very kind to us during this pandemic time. Happy to tell you that AIPP has approved the support of 3000 usd for relief goods.

We had a talk with Sir Wilson via whatsapp and talked about the project and thanks to channel of this opportunity.

Amidst of the pandemic, there are still challenges as of now where mining and other outsiders are trying to buy the sacred forest for business purposes.

Thank you so much,

Love and respect.,

Your friend in Philippines

Datu Lanelio T sangcoan

Datu Lanelio Sangcoan on Oct 12, 2020
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Thank you very much for sharing this update with us Datu and I am really glad to read this good news. Wishing you all the best and let's keep in touch. Thirza

Thirza Loffeld on Oct 13, 2020
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