Building multi disciplinary approaches in increasing resilient capacity of community to global issues?

Nguyen Van Kien on Sep 18, 2020 • 1 answer
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To my knowledge, Global issues are challenges to human well-being in present or future. Community is the smallest social structure where is both difference and unity. Resilient capacity is probability of adaptation and evolution to change of environment (social and natural stresses). And multi disciplinary approaches are seen as the best solution to achieve comprehensive targets of socioeconomic, health and environment development. Hence, it is needed a matrix and indicators as well as complex methods in implementation, monitoring and evaluation, measurement. This is so important to us in arrangement, design and operation of researches and experiments . Please deliver your suggestion soon. Sometime, a difference may be a valuable output


Hi Nguyen, There are a few publications that I came across recently, please find them via the links below. I hope these will help you. Best wishes, Thirza

Thirza Loffeld on Oct 22, 2020
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