Does anyone know of any good volunteering opportunities to do over summer (as a teacher on holiday). I have done Archelon in Greece (turtle conservation), AWDF in Tenerife (Whale and dolphin conservation) and Wildtracks in Belize (manatee and monkey conservation before. Thanks for all your help in advance

Gemma McGregor on Jan 18, 2022 • 3 answer
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Hi! Yes, we at GRI have a lovely Holistic Volunteer programme in Zambia. Have a look!
Take care!

Andrea Thorne on Jan 19, 2022
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I know of two wildlife rescue centres on Vancouver Island, Canada. One is called MARS, the other is NIWRA.

Sascha Röder on Jul 20, 2022
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Hi Gemma,

How did you find the locations where you did these volunteer jobs?

there is a question from Sascha Röder who is trying to find positions in animal rescue centers in Scandinavia



Frank van der Most on Feb 09, 2023
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