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What counts as a connection between art and conservation?

Started 12 months ago

When does a nature-inspired design have an impact on conservation? Does a specific topic have to be discussed when the artist describes the work? What can increase the overall conservation impact of the design? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Both myself and partner paint, we also enjoy going to galleries and exhibitions. We discuss each other’s work and of others, often with the climate issues in mind, (it features a lot in our household!), but often we see or interpret different things. This is the beauty of art, of course. 

Thanks for sharing, @Kevin Albin. Have you shared any of your pieces on WildHub, or have work posted somewhere else? I think it could be interesting to have an occasional art chat in the WildHub community space. What do you think?

@Thirza Loffeld @Lize Gibson-Hall @Alan J. Hesse  

Thank you @Lara Reden. Definitely an idea to have a discussion around @Thirza Loffeld as we are looking for ways to enhance our socials. @Kevin Albin If you felt comfortable it would be amazing to share some of your artwork and your story behind certain pieces. It would also be really interesting to see how other interpret the artwork, like you said, and what sort of emotive feelings occur. 

I really enjoy artwork that sends a powerful message. This is why I am a big fan of street art where the art is in a particular location for a reason and tells a story in itself for all the passers-by :) 

Occasional art & conservation chats or even online casual meet-ups sound brilliant! I'm working on art-conservation projects and will be happy to join and connect with like-minded people!

When working on marine restoration and especially artificial reefs, we work a lot with artists to create objects that will be appealing to people and marine life alike

I've talked to my partner, she will join Wildhub and post. 

Amazing @Sofiya Shukhova I am recording this idea and think it has a lot of potential. I think the link you shared to your insta isn't working unfortunately just to let you know. 

Hi @Nadav Shashar, that's really interesting, I'd love to know more and I'm sure the community would. Would you be interested in writing a post about this and any recent projects with artists?

That's great @Kevin Albin! Feel free to let me know in a message her name and I will keep and eye out for her registration :) 

Oh, thank you for noticing @Lize Gibson-Hall ! Here is the correct link 

@Nadav Shashar This is super interesting! I agree with Lize. I would love to learn more about your collaboration with artists!

Thank you @Sofiya Shukhova amazing to see your art and the events you have shared before. I especially love your stingray work! I will keep you posted about potential art related events. If you were interested in us facilitating anything more please feel free to message myself or @Thirza Loffeld or email us at: 

Thank you @Lize Gibson-Hall

Hello everyone, I am very happy to join your community and I would like to thank Kevin Albin for introducing me to this group. I really think that art can be a force for social change as it helps people to reflect and eventually evolve. I would like to share with you a few paintings that I created with the goal to raise awareness on this strong connection that we have with nature and we have to cherish it. 

Here is my Instagram account:


@Sofiya Shukhova, thanks for sharing your work! I'd love to hear more about the impact your art conservation projects are having. @Linda Guilbeau, welcome to WildHub! Thanks for sharing your page as well. I agree that art can promote social change, and I'd love to hear more about your current role in this. @Nadav Shashar, I'm also interested in hearing more about how different creations have helped with marine restorations.