Art and conservation

Inspire others! Share with us your work how you combine art and conservation!

Art and conservation

Started 10 months ago

Hello everyone, I am very happy to join your community and I would like to thank Kevin Albin for introducing me to this group. I really think that art can be a force for social change as it helps people to reflect and eventually evolve. I would like to share with you a few paintings that I created with the goal to raise awareness on this strong connection that we have with nature and we have to cherish it. 

@Linda Guilbeau, thanks for being willing to share your work! Do you have a subject matter more specific within the natural world that you find draws you in most frequently? 

Yes, Lara. As an example, I like painting on our connection with nature because I find that our society has lost it and people need to reconnect. For me, that's key. A lot of people went too far in detaching themselves from nature, living a fast- lane life in big cities, with almost no contact with trees, lakes and rivers, plants and flowers. In my artwork, i try to depict the well-being/happiness that comes with this link to nature.

I love that and can relate to the concept. My escape has always been going out into nature to hike or take photos (usually both). Constantly being in large cities with limited green space can be stressful.

Hi @Linda Guilbeau, we have a common friend in Kevin! It's great to see your use of art for conservation. The language of emotion makes a huge difference. 

Hello Allan, nice to meet you here 😊 I have heard so many good things about you and your work. Congratulations for your initiatives.