Marine Conservation

The Marine Conservation Room is a place to share best practices, challenges and new ideas in ocean conservation. 

Started almost 2 years ago


I am a mid career marine scientist wanting to transition into the marine mammal conservation arena. I bring strong leadership, field work expertise and remote sensing experience with me, plus much more. I am finishing up the SDWC workshop with WildTeam and want to gain hands on experience in marine mammal conservation and a team approach. I would greatly appreciate learning of any leads you may think of (persons or organizations) I could be chatting with.



Hi Carolyn, I'm not a marine conservationist myself, but I know FFI is active in the Asia-Pacific region (and I'm sure beyond).  You're welcome to connect in case the (relatively few) marine conservationists in my network could be useful to you.  I just tried to connect with you on LinkedIn and it asked me for your email address - if you want to build your network you might want to change your LinkedIn settings, or it could be because I'm quite active on LinkedIn but not paying for Premium so they're making me jump through hoops!  You can find me here:  Good luck!