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Time management training for field workers?

Started 3 months ago

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows of any time management training that is particularly relevant for colleagues who work in the field, but also have desk-based obligations as part of their roles? It introduces an extra level of difficulty in terms of time and workload management, prioritisation, delegation, etc., when you have to spend large amounts of time out and about in the field - which can be very tiring, etc. - and then have to also fit in reporting, emails, protocol and paper writing, etc., around all this. We're really keen to find some resources, training or tips for how to do this well!! Thanks so much!

Hi. Nikki 

I’ve previously designed and delivered fieldwork planning training that covers time management (eg use of simple Gantt Charts) and covers project lifecycle analysis and delivery including decision points, using /identifying resources, training, health and safety, equipment, data analysis and reporting. If you want to message me I can potentially provide some assistance.

Using a project lifecycle analysis approach with known timelines and a Gantt chart to track actions to timelines is a really useful basic starting point.



Hi Nikki, 

I never worked in the field, so you might not find this useful, but I learned a lot about time management working together with product teams. In software development there is thousands of variables, there is always a bug and always another obstacle. Probably this sounds familiar. The work that we are in also full with obstacles and challenges. 

This here is a great resource that I learned from when it comes to time, project, priorization management:

Basecamp is a great tool to manage especially the office desk part better. 

Thanks so much Jackie and Oliver! great tips and I shall look further into it....

Hey Nikki. It is really important to have a project plan. Gant charts are a great tool if people know how to make and manage them with ease... the challenge there is the software- MS Project- is fairly robust and people often struggle with the learning curve. Depending upon the project- a good and detailed calendar MAY work for time management just as well... again- with out knowing details it is just a guess. Also- an extremely important and often overlooked piece is to make sure that while in the field the team is maximizing their efforts and working smart. It depends on what the field work entails.... but using a data collection software (I am obviously partial to the one I designed WatchSpotter) really helps with duplication of effort and with initial data QA/QC. It is also important that the team in the field KNOWS what the research objects are.... if the PI is not part of the field team- they need to communicate the objective clearly and concisely to those who are.....  taking the time to map out the project plan with milestone dates and goals in a shared location with frequent check ins I find to be super helpful.... if you want to discuss this is greater detail- let me know- I am happy to help. My email is: Cheers!