Let's welcome new members!

Let's welcome new members!

A place for WildHub members to connect and get to know each other.

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Hello, my name is Siyabonga Maqubela

I am happy to be the part of the family of WildHub.
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Hi, My name is Gill and I'm excited to join as part of the community! I am joining as I am due to start the Project Management course this month. I have recently completed an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, after studying a BA Environmental Studies degree through the Open Uni.  I currently work as a mental health nurse in Edinburgh, where I have lived and worked for the last 13 years - so I'm excited to be beginning the big adventure of a career change! 
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Hello - introduction

Hello and greetings from Pakistan! My name is Ufaq Manzar and I work at the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) based in Lahore, Pakistan. I am new to the environment/nature/wildlife sector as I joined WWF-Pakistan only a few months ago. I have enrolled in the Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation training starting this month. I'm excited about the opportunity to learn from the experts at Wild Team and look forward to connecting with the members on Wild Hub! 
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Hello from Nigeria, I am a conservationist working with Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State Nigeria. I am happy to be part of this training
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I'm about to use what I learnt from Wild Team!

Dear WildTeam Members, I've just been offered a work opportunity to use the Project Management skills I learnt on PMWC!  Thank you to WildTeam for the great course! Sophie
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My name is Nonkululeko Msomi, but you can call me Freedom. I am a Conservationist from South Africa. I have experience in wildlife research, wildlife monitoring and community development.  I have worked for different game reserves in my country. My future goal is to spread my wings and explore wildlife in other countries. 
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Ciao everyone.

Ciao everyone, I’m so pleased to be part of this community!  I am a snowboard and kitesurf addict based in the UK.With a background in visual communication, I specialise in animation and Illustration.As a fan of outdoor sports, I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the complexities of the ecosystem. It makes me want to do all I can to preserve the environment and see it flourish.  My mission is to make nature conservation more accessible to everyone. I run an animation studio called Motion Aptitude, our purpose is to raise awareness and drive people to act on issues regarding wildlife, environmental science and animal welfare. Motion Aptitude is the fusion of two of my biggest passions in life: creativity, and the great outdoors. My vision is to inspire a new generation of action-driven environmental enthusiasts. Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all :) Giuseppe
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Jambo from Kenya!

Hi, my name is Ouma Oluoko. I am the CEO of Oluokos Signature. I am a highly experienced tour operator, in touch with indigenous communities and ecosystems around East and Central Africa. I am extremely passionate about environmental conservation. My company, Oluokos Signature, provides the essential linkage between supply and demand by liaising with several eco-conscious organizations to design responsible tour packages that integrate environmental, cultural, and social considerations. I help my clients to responsibly experience pure value holiday bliss in packages within their budgets and style; Thereby implementing positive environmental and social impacts. My strong interpersonal skills enable me to quickly adapt and build rapport with my clients, fellow tour operators, staff and guides thereby improving my efficiency and boosting professionalism. I absolutely love the outdoors and bird watching is my cup of tea, anytime. I also enjoy hiking, biking, and sky-watching. My personal mantra is ‘Travel opens your heart, opens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell. For more information about the company, kindly visit: https://www.theoluokos.com
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Hello! I'm Leland, a restoration ecologist with the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich. We are developing a network of restoration implementation experiments and conducting broad surveys to learn from the actors in the global restoration movement. I am excited to interact and learn from other WildHub members! 
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Skills upgrade

I am currently working on project management and grant writing
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Hi all, my name is Camille. I have a masters in Marine Environment Management from Exeter uni and am currently a Benthic Ecologist Specialist at Natural England. I have however only just moved into this role after being a Marine Advisor for 10 months so have a long way to go until I can really call myself a benthic specialist! Will be working on developing the monitoring plans for HPMAs (Highly Protected Marine Areas) for the majority of the time. 
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Hi, Georges joining you from Kenya. My background is in hospitality industry working as support staff to a government agency mandated to conserve and protect wildlife in Kenya; Kenya Wildlife Service. I am excited for the program and I look forward to positive contribution to conservation after skills upgrade
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Goodmorning everyone,  I am Jason from Saskatchewan Canada. I am currently involved with a woodland caribou monitoring program. Here I've attached a link to a story about our area from our colleague Max. Caribou Camp 2019: La Rocque Lake (Forbes Lake) | Prince Albert Model Forest (pamodelforest.ca)
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Self - Introduction - Grace Gu Ping

Dear all, Nice to meet you on-line! I am Grace Gu, and I have joint WCMC Beijing since March last year, base in Beijing, China. I am an Office & Programme Administrator focusing on Project Finance, Project event logistic support and Office administration and Finance support. I don't have Wildlife background, so I will study from zero on this training. Look forward to speak to all of you during the training! Grace Gu
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Hello everyone!

My name is Charlotte and I am a final year undergraduate studying Environmental Science at the University of Birmingham. In terms of experience, I completed an eight-month industrial placement at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand where my focus was aquatic ecology. My interests include wildlife and habitat conservation, habitat restoration, re-wilding, species re-introduction, and freshwater and marine ecology. I joined WildHub to network with others in this field and to seek training and career opportunities! I am really excited to get to know everyone and share our experiences!
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Hello Wildhub!

Hey everyone! Great to be here, looks like you all have a really good thing going here.  A little about me: I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and busy doing freelance avifaunal monitoring while I complete my further studies and continue to search for employment. Spent just over a year volunteering and interning at local nature reserves here in Cape Town before the pandemic, once we were allowed out I got the pleasure of volunteering with Dwarf Mongooses and now I am helping out with bird monitoring. Hoping to get more into the wildlife side and am keen for any new opportunities all over the world, also keen to grow my connections in the industry! Busy doing research into translocations and reintroductions at the moment so keen to learn as much as possible about any related topics.  Love any extra ways to learn and this looks like a great place to do that.
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Hello to all

Hi everyone  Wanted to say hello to the community. Really pleased to have joined and looking forward to connecting and learning from colleagues around the world. Happy Jubilee weekend!
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Hello everyone, it’s my pleasure to be in this wonderful community. My name is Ola, I am a graduate of forestry and wood Technology. I am so passionate about the environment and I love to discuss more about climate change hence I birthed a podcast”TALKCLIMATEAFRICA”. I am opened to any remote job and connections.
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Hi everyone, My name is Lize and I have just completed my masters in conservation at Plymouth Uni. I have a passion for science communication and rewinding as well as rehabilitation of animals. I also love the use of technology, specifically cameras, to enhance scientific research. My MSc project looked at using thermal imaging cameras to identify seal injuries in wild grey seals at Brixham marina! 🦭 I have just secured a part time job as membership officer at the marine biological association which I am loving already and can't wait to connect with more people on here
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Humble beginnings

Hi WildHub Community, It's great to be a new member here and start to learn and share experiences with everyone. I live and work as an ecologist in the field in Australia for a NGO called the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. During the pandemic with border closures I got stuck outside of Australia and it forced a rethink on on how I could work. Importantly I have been trying to diversify my network so I can keep well connected whereever I am in the world. The conservation world is a fascinating world to be a part of, and can literally take anywhere in the world, whether in person or through reading/listening. I'm humbled to be part of WildHub and look forward to sharing stories and experiences with the broader community. I am a scientist but sort of feel a jack-of-all trades as I dip my toes in science communication, networking, fundraising and strategy for some of my time.
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My name is Vincent Ayang from Nigeria and currently work with the Nigerian program of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) where I manage a protected area that I known for its gorillas and chimpanzees. I have interest in collaborative conservation, protected area management, and natural resources governance with special interest in the conservation of the critically endangered cross river gorilla.  I look forward to learning from you all, while also sharing my experience. Cheers!
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Hello from Australia

Hi Everyone, I'm glad to have joined Wildhub! In a nutshell, my experience lays within ecology, translocations, monitoring and management with a particular focus on Australian threatened mammal species. I started my career in an NGO and now work in government. I have also dabbled in pollination ecology and political ecology. Check out my profile if you'd like the long-winded version. Looking forward to connecting :)
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Hello everyone! I'm Robin, and I'm here to learn! I'm from the northeastern US, currently living in New York state. I'm in my first year of a Master's in Anthrozoology, and am passionate about wildlife rehabilitation and behavior. Most of my work with wildlife has been with raptors and other birds, but I've done some environmental education too. I'm especially interested in efforts to make wildlife conservation work and knowledge accessible to everyone. I'm excited to join this community and learn about all of the great things happening across the world!
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Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone! I'm Temi from Nigeria, and currently doing a Master's degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town. I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. I  found this page when seeking an internship in the conservation sector for 2022, which is required for my curriculum. However, after meeting the individuals in this group, I decided to join in order to learn, offer my abilities, and get access to opportunities.
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Hello conservationists!

Jambo! Glad to be here! My name is Kevin Lunzalu, an early career conservationist from Kenya. I'm currently studying towards a Masters degree in Coastal Science & Policy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My capstone project focuses on the impact of plastics (both macro and micro, but mostly micro) on the suitability of critical nesting sites of sea turtles in Kenya's South Coast.I'm more into conservation policy, particularly meaningful inclusion of young people from local & indigenous communities into national and international conservation & climate frameworks. This is largely why I co-founded the Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network, a fast-growing youth-led & youth-focused organization that brings together young people (with or without conservation backgrounds), to help take strategic action, input in policy roadmaps, and co-create solutions that respond to the conservation challenges that Kenya currently faces.  I'm open to any discussions, and happy to meet as many of you wonderful people as I can, so that we can trade ideas, experiences, opportunities, and knowledge! One area I have been roughly thinking about is maybe co-create a podcast platform to co-share youth perspectives on local-to-global conservation policies,  success case studies, and how we can co-design youth-focused projects that enhance North-South partnerships to realize transformative conservation action and intergenerational equity.  My emails are klunzalu@ucsc.edu or kevin@youth4biodiversity.org 
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My name is Victor Chanza who is a new member to this wonderful family. Yesterday i had challenges to join in the preliminary introduction session. I am based in zambia and looking forward to contributing positively in this group.  I am a lawyer and academician with more than 15 years of work experience. I am interested in a number of topics and i am open to any discussion. Those planning to visit the lower zambezi and the mighty victoria falls one of the 7 world wonders, you are most welcome. 
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Hi I'm Dr. Jackie Symmons -Freelance Ecologist UK

Lots of land management conservation projects experience across a range of topics from forestry and wildlife management experience to climate change and the use of green-blue infrastructure
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Hello everyone!

My name is Juriko and I am from Perú. I graduated from biology like 7 years ago and since then, I've been involved in the conservation field, especially in tropical forest conservation. Now, I am working as a Wildlife Assistant Program in WWF Perú, where we work with priority species in the Andean Amazonian landscape. I am so happy to join this community and very looking forward to connecting with you!
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Hello everyone!

Hi all! I'm Lucy and I'm currently studying MSc Sustainability and Ecology at the Centre of Alternative Technology, Wales.  I have an interest in IUCN red-listed species, UK BAP species, rewilding, reintroductions, habitat restoration, and environmental/ecological research.  Work-wise, I previously worked for the Field Studies Council (FSC) as a Higher Education Placement. This  formed part of my Bachelor's, as all students had to complete a mandatory placement year. I have experience assisting in teaching children from primary schools to A-Level students. Providing equipment and resources for university and adult groups, completing preliminary site visits, and helping local conservation efforts were also duties placement students fulfilled.  More recently, I volunteer part-time with a couple of environmental charities as it gives me a bit of flexibility while I study.  I joined Wild Hub with the goal of networking with others, and seeking training and career opportunities. Hope you all have a lovely day! Lucy
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Emily Duwan and I am the new Program Officer for the Marine Conservation Action Fund at the New England Aquarium. I provide operational, strategic and communications support to deliver on MCAF’s global conservation mission.  I'm based in Somerville, MA, and an alumna of the Three Seas Program at Northeastern University. Happy to be part of this community and look forward to connecting with everyone!
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Hi from Brittany & Conservation Trauma!

Hi all, excited to be a part of WildHub! My background is first in conservation education and animal husbandry, primarily working with large carnivores and with elephants. I spent a summer at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, completed my MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London, and did my thesis research in Mauritius. Now I'm wrapping up a Master in Counseling degree here in the U.S., and conducting research on vicarious trauma in conservationists. I know from my own experiences and from talking to so many colleagues that the mental burden we take on as conservationists can be so weighty, and can come with all kinds of side effects. I hope to use this research to create more tools and supports, and keep conservationists healthy and in the fight for our planet! If you'd like to participate in the research, it's only open until the end of January 2022. Go to ConservationTrauma.com and share your experiences—it should only take 5-10 minutes. If the survey has closed by that time, feel free to reach out to me to hear where we are on analyzing the results! Or, if you'd like to share your own experiences or get in touch, please reach out any time at brittany.sawrey@gmail.com.
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Hey there it's Ashly

Hi, I'm Ashly and I'm currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work for a land trust that does land conservation work along the peninsula. I got my BA in Environmental Studies and Religion and I've been passionate about environmental justice and sustainability for a long time. I'm hoping to meet fellow conservationists as I explore what marine conservation has to offer. Happy to be joining a community where I can meet new people and get access to professional development resources :D
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Here is Marta from Extremadura, Spain <3

Hi everyone!! I' very excited to join this community and meet other people that like me are worried about the planet and are taking action to improve the nature's conservation and our own livelihood.  Introducing myself, I'm from Badajoz, a little city near Portugal at Extremadura, Spain. I love my region because is plenty of wild nature, birds, forests, rivers... but is endangered too. I have a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Biodiversity Conservation. I have more than 15 years of experience in Environmental Education with school kids and the general public. I'm interested in all related topics about ecology, conservation and all living creatures and their relationships, that makes possible the life on Earth.  I have worked in Paraguay granted by University of Salamanca and UNESCO Chair "Education for Sustainable Development: Strengthening lines of research in the area of ​​biodiversity and the link with society". My duties were teaching experiments design and basic biostatistics at UNA (Universidad Nacional de Asunción); doing a biodiversity's bird research at the San Rafael National Park (the major Atlantic Forest patch remaining), ringing birds and teaching young students how to carry out a basic research; and doing environmental education with young child and population living at the natural park influence area.  I stayed at Madeira (Portugal) working on two LIFE projects, one to protect the endemic sparrowhawk "Furabardos" and the other to take care of marine birds. The LIFE projects are the UE tool to support and fund the conservation on their territories.   Later I have devoted to natural ecotourism at Extremadura (Spain) and scuba diving tourism at Sharm el Shaik (Egypt), in addition to environmental education, or little research and consultancy tasks.  Currently, I have a job at an environmental consulting at Extremadura (Spain), working about the compensatory measures to take during and after the construction of photovoltaic plants. I take care of bird nests, mitigation and prevention of bird and bat mortality at the high voltage lines, soil restoration, reforestation, etc.  I'm glad to carry out this work because I'm sure I'm doing the best to protect the nature while the construction of renewable energy plants are trying to reduce the climate change. 
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Hello, I'm Rachel

I coordinate Ceredigion Local Nature Partnership in West Wales.  I am interested in making wildlife conservation inclusive and the challenges of working in small nations with endangered languages.  My hobby is spinning my own yarn and weaving or knitting my own fabric and garments.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.
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Hello from Debs

Hi there, I'm Debs and I'm keen to meet and chat with others taking action for conservation. I'm passionate about protecting habitats and biodiversity and introducing others to nature. There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing the excitement in others when they have a new experience with wildlife!  I've got a fascination with invertebrates, especially bees and hoverflies. My  background covers community engagement, training, fundraising, project management, group development, ecological consultancy and species and habitat conservation. I'm a founder and director of the CIC: Wild Ideas UK  As an organisation, we exist to support community action for wildlife. Our vision is: Rural and urban habitats connected across the UK through action for nature We deliver support in: Training Environmental education and engagement Project planning Funding Project and group/organisation development Delivery Monitoring  
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Bonjour !

Hello everyone,  I'm Diane Detoeuf, I've been working for the Wildlife Conservation Society for 7 years, most of my time in the Congo Basin. Currently based in France, I provide technical support for our community-based projects and social science across WCS programs, on topics related to monitoring & evaluation, human well-being, and governance. Member of the Conservation Measures Partnership and the Conservation Social Science Partnership, you can see some of my work on https://consosci.org/ and on our youtube channel.  Thanks for accepting me into the WildHub community! Cheers
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Hello, I became passionate about marine conservation many years ago a took a career change. I ended up spending time around the Indian ocean, working in Belize and Madagascar for several years. I then self funded a MSc by working in Little Cayman driving boats and diving for four years. I just finished my Masters in Island Biodiversity and Conservation and a now 'enjoying' the process of trying to convince someone to pay me to work. I joined Wildhub to see what happens and meet like minded individuals.......
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Hi Everyone! I am a young professional working in the conservation space for a newly-founded NGO called, El-Koony Center. My organization is located in Western Kenya, and I am working on their fundraising and development team. I am excited to join this community to connect with others in this field. 
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Hello everyone!

I am currently studying the DICE MSc in Conservation project management at the University of Kent. I have always had a strong interest in the natural world which has followed me throughout my academic career. I studied Outdoor Education BSc at Liverpool John Moores University before moving to Canterbury where I completed a PGCE in geography and now I am at DICE. I am strong believer in the importance of education and transparency with what is happening in the world of conservation as it is an issue that affects everyone.My biggest passion is marine conservation and I plan in future to be involved in working around marine protected areas, especially those that can help promote the growth of carbon sinks like kelp forests and sea grass.
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Hello Everyone!

I come from England but for the last two and a half years I have been working for Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia as a Care for Rescued Wildlife Tour Programme Coordinator. Organising and facilitating tours of our wildlife rescue centre and release station. In the last 18 months my role has evolved to include more online fundraising and communications. I studied a BSc in Animal Biology at the University of Gloucestershire in England, and also have experience in animal keeping and hospitality. I am passionate about post-rescue wild animal rehabilitation and science communication.Excited about what WILDHUB has to offer and hope to be able to make the most of it!  
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Edible, useful and economic wild plants in Vietnam

Hi everyone, greeting from plant resources center (prc), hanoi, vietnam. We would like to express interest and cooperation in edible, useful and economic wild plants in Vietnam. This cooperation will contribute to promote bio-culture/economy as well as reversing biological diversity loss and restoring genetic resources. Interested anyone is welcome at PRC It is nice to hear from you soon
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Hello everyone. A great pleasure to join Wild Hub. I have joined to engage with multidisciplinary dialogue.   I am the Founder of Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnership Network to achieve Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 targets. I provide a collaborative platform for innovative and transdisciplinary partnerships and capacity development for early career researchers joined by senior experienced researchers from Global South and Global North. I believe in broader sustainable development concept and use the multi-dimensional lens (social, economic, environmental, political, institutional, cultural, and technological) of sustainability, innovations, and theoretical framings to address the problems of societal systems and propagates this through various activities – research, teaching, and practice towards achieving global sustainable goals 2030 and beyond. I encourage systems thinking, engagement, and active participation of multiple stakeholders for effective governance and management for sustainable transformations, use of transdisciplinary methodologies, co-creating solutions that are multi-modal, and ‘value-added’ to relevant stakeholders. I am proud of having the support of 345 Coordinators from 85 countries.
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Hi! Freelance Scientist looking for the next collaboration

Hi there! I'm Amy. I've been following WildHub on Twitter and just recently decided to join. I'm a freelance scientist/INGO consultant living in South Africa. I'm American but have been living in ZA for over 6yrs with my spouse and trying to find my way in the world. I have a lot of experience in international development, living and working in East and southern Africa. I'm a biologist and geographer by training. I've always had a love for wildlife and conservation - I served in the US Peace Corps as a Parks and Wildlife Volunteer in Malawi. Currently, in collaboration with my husband and a small team, we serve our small rural communities with reptile education and assistance - mostly with snake catching/short distance relocation. I use every opportunity to educate community members on snakes. I'm playing catch up in knowledge/experience to my spouse and the big players in country. I'm also learning about local frogs.I primarily do remote work, with some international field work when needed. I consider myself a highly adaptable generalist. I am interested in so many things! My best projects and collaborations have been with PIs where I wasn't expected to know everything and could learn on the job. My latest publication (Nov 2020) was with the Mountain Goat Molt Project where we used community photography to investigate phenology (which got me really into citizen/community science!). I'm very proud of the work we accomplished - it was truly a global collaboration.I'm currently learning R in my spare time, hoping to gain further skills to be helpful when collaborating on projects. Looking forward to following and getting to know many of you here!
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Hi. I'm Tobin from England. I am new to conservation learning but I am looking forward to starting and I thought that this would be a good place to start. My background is working with children and young people.
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Hello from WA State!

Hello everyone. I am checking in from WA State. I graduated Cumma Sum Laude in Feb with a BS in Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management. Thanks to the pandemic, I have been unable to do volunteer work locally to gain any experience. The few places near me have closed. I am 51 with a household and bills so I cannot quit my current job to do unpaid internships or volunteer work. Hence, I am struggling to try and find any type of employment in the field. I am hoping to make some connections here to help facilitate that.I am looking to switch fields after spending 22+ years in IT to do something to help make a difference in the state of our planet. I would love to go into education or species conservation either in the US or abroad. Though I would like make an impact abroad a bit more.My hobbies include computers, some gaming, and taking care of my niece's pregnant horse.
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Chewe Chiti

Hello everyone,My name is Chewe Chiti a junior conservationist hoping to learn a lot from everyone on this platform.
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Hello, I'm Emma :)

Hi everyone!My name is Emma Cantu and I'm a current MSc Applied Wildlife Conservation Student at Anglia Ruskin University, England. For my Masters dissertation I am researching bird of prey persecution in England, Scotland and Wales in the hope to improve awareness and communication regarding this particular wildlife crime. I will be analysing existing RSPB data on poisoning/ shooting incidents in relation to proximity to national parks and reserves, as well as public experiences of encountering injured or deceased raptors and their knowledge on what to do and who to contact in this situation. I am also looking to analyse views of members of the game shooting community, and how relations and practices can be improved to encourage the best conservation practices. In order to study this further, I have created a survey which will be live from the 26th August to the 16th September, I would be extremely grateful if people could share this within their circles :) Participants need to be over the age of 18 and need to reside or have resided in England, Scotland and Wales. Link below: https://lnkd.in/dPgrtqDMany thanks! #conservation #wildlifeconservation #wildlifecrime #communication #persecution #ARU
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Hi, I'm Joana

Hi, my name is Joana, and I am currently the Executive Director to Sea Sense, with whom I have been working for just over a year. You may have heard about Sea Sense from one of our colleagues, Lindsey West. Sea Sense is a Tanzanian NGO that works closely with coastal communities in Tanzania to conserve and protect endangered marine wildlife.I was born in Mozambique and from an early age have developed a love for the ocean, growing up exploring the (by then) pristine and untouched beaches in the Southern provinces. I did both my Licenciate and Master's degree in Lisbon. Before Tanzania and Sea Sense, I worked on an island in the North of Mozambique called Vamizi. This is where I did the research for my master's degree, on green turtle nesting patterns, and where I later ended up managing the Conservation and Community project. I definitely have a special bond with the Indian Ocean.I am really looking forward to the next six weeks and learning more about Programme Management for Wildlife Conservation.
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Hello I'm Antonia!

I am a Kenyan Conservation Biologist currently working on Large Carnivore-human Coexistence with Lion Landscapes. Looking forward to using WildHub as a platform for collaboration and for learning!
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Hi, I'm Mali :)

I have just completed my first year at the University of Exeter where I am studying zoology. The campus is in Falmouth, Cornwall, and I love to get out in nature and explore, and also rock climb and play ultimate frisbee! My passion lies in conservation and I hope my degree will allow me to work in the conservation sector.Before going to university, I spent part of my gap year in Ghana, working with A Rocha Ghana in the Atewa forest to protect the rainforest. My focus out there was to educate the communities on looking after pangolins and to help them find alternative livelihoods to poaching, which involved farming grasscutters or setting up another buisness. Through this experience, I ended up looking after my own pangolin that I rescued - she was a juvenille that had her tail cut off with a chainsaw. We ended up releasing her back into the Atewa forest.I am part of the Society of St Columba http://www.st-columba.com/ and am currently in the process of designing them a forest garden. I hope this forest garden will benefit the community with food and a tranquil space to be, but also benefit wildlife by planting a diverse array of plants that attract many insects and birds. I am working with the South Down National Park on this.I am probably one of the youngest here, having not turned 20 yet!, but I am more than up for the challenge conservation brings, and am always keen to learn from anyones expertise. Thanks!!