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Started about 1 year ago

Hello everyone. A great pleasure to join Wild Hub. I have joined to engage with multidisciplinary dialogue.  

I am the Founder of Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnership Network to achieve Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 targets. I provide a collaborative platform for innovative and transdisciplinary partnerships and capacity development for early career researchers joined by senior experienced researchers from Global South and Global North. I believe in broader sustainable development concept and use the multi-dimensional lens (social, economic, environmental, political, institutional, cultural, and technological) of sustainability, innovations, and theoretical framings to address the problems of societal systems and propagates this through various activities – research, teaching, and practice towards achieving global sustainable goals 2030 and beyond. I encourage systems thinking, engagement, and active participation of multiple stakeholders for effective governance and management for sustainable transformations, use of transdisciplinary methodologies, co-creating solutions that are multi-modal, and ‘value-added’ to relevant stakeholders. I am proud of having the support of 345 Coordinators from 85 countries.

Welcome, Renuka! Thanks for adding your post to this room. I look forward to hearing more from you. 

A warm welcome to the WildHub community, Renuka! Lovely to have you joining us and thanks for sharing about your work: that's an impressive number - 345 Coordinators from 85 countries! Perhaps you would like to share some of your lessons learned with us on the topic of collaboration and partnerships? We generally recommend such a (blog) piece to be around 500-1,500 words with a few corresponding pictures. The questions that we would ask you to answer are:

1) Which lessons learned can you share on this topic that could benefit the wider conservation community/people working on this topic?

2) What did you wish you would have known before you started working on this topic and could be useful to share with other professionals now?

3) Which piece of information on this topic do you feel is currently missing in the conservation sector? 

Please find more information in our Contributor guidelines through this link: https://wildhub.community/pages/Contributor-guidelines

Feel free to get in touch with Lara, our WildHub Community Advocate, if you would have any questions about how to publish such a lessons learned post in our community. 

Many thanks in advance!

Thank you Thirza, I am having a half yearly celebration of my Network on 12 June 2021. This will be a perfect time to reflect on the questions that you have mentioned here. I will take this opportunity to post a blog soon after 12 June. Watch the space.

Wonderful! That sounds perfect, Renuka. If you could publish your lessons learned as post instead of a conversation like this, then we could feature it in our WildHub Highlights newsletter. For more information on how to publish a post, please have a look at the link below. I look forward to reading your lessons learned after June 12th and congratulations on achieving this milestone! 


Sure, will do.