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Hello, everyone!

Started 5 months ago

Hello, everyone!

I'm Temi from Nigeria, and currently doing a Master's degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. I  found this page when seeking an internship in the conservation sector for 2022, which is required for my curriculum. However, after meeting the individuals in this group, I decided to join in order to learn, offer my abilities, and get access to opportunities.

Hi, Temi. Welcome to WildHub!

A warm welcome to WildHub, Temi! Wonderful to have you joining us and I look forward to learning more about your NGO EdenWorld Initiative! Perhaps you would consider writing a post containing your lessons learned about co-founding your NGO? Please also have a look at our contributor guidelines (link 1) below and a brief tutorial on how to publish a post (link 2). 

Link 1: https://wildhub.community/pages/Contributor-guidelines

Link 2: https://wildhub.community/videos/65393-wildhub-how-to-series-publish-a-post-v0-3?channel_id=2666-our-community

Thank you Thirza, I will gladly share