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Hello - introduction

Started 2 months ago

Hello and greetings from Pakistan!

My name is Ufaq Manzar and I work at the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) based in Lahore, Pakistan. I am new to the environment/nature/wildlife sector as I joined WWF-Pakistan only a few months ago. I have enrolled in the Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation training starting this month. I'm excited about the opportunity to learn from the experts at Wild Team and look forward to connecting with the members on Wild Hub! 

Hi, Ufaq. Welcome to WildHub! I loved the grant writing course, and I hope you enjoy it too. One way to connect with members is by participating in the monthly social

Welcome Ufaq! Congratulations on joining WWF we hope you are enjoying your role and will enjoy the grand writing course. Feel free to check out our member directory where you can search and connect with other members based on their experience and interests. Any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact either at hello@wilhub.community or through the Q and A area

Hi Ufaq, welcome to WildHub! How did you find the Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation training? Have you been able to put any of your skills in practice already? Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences. 

Hi Thirza, thank you for checking in. The Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation training was wonderful! I have already started applying key learnings from the training to my work.