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Started 6 months ago

Hi all, my name is Camille. I have a masters in Marine Environment Management from Exeter uni and am currently a Benthic Ecologist Specialist at Natural England. I have however only just moved into this role after being a Marine Advisor for 10 months so have a long way to go until I can really call myself a benthic specialist! Will be working on developing the monitoring plans for HPMAs (Highly Protected Marine Areas) for the majority of the time. 

Hi, Camille. Welcome to WildHub, and congrats on your new role! If you're interested in getting to know other members (and have the time), feel free to join one of the monthly socials

Welcome Camille! Congratulations on your new role we hope you are enjoying it. Check out the marine conservation room and keep us updated on any lessons you have learned through your role or opportunities you would like to share. Any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact either at hello@wilhub.community or through the Q and A area

Hey Camille! Welcome to WildlHub! Would you be able to share what you have learned so far from being a Marine Advisor? This would be of interest to our members who are part of our Marine Conservation room conversations here. Please also see our Contributor guidelines here for tips on how to write up such a lessons learned post :) Also, WildTeam UK have just developed Monitoring & Evaluation best practices that may be of interest to you.