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I'm about to use what I learnt from Wild Team!

Started 5 months ago

Dear WildTeam Members,

I've just been offered a work opportunity to use the Project Management skills I learnt on PMWC!  Thank you to WildTeam for the great course!


Thats amazing Sophie well done! @Adam Barlow @Kate @Lucy Boddam-Whetham just wanted to share with you this fantastic news. Hope the new opportunity goes well and please keep us updated!

Thanks for highlighting Lize. This is amazing Sophie, massive congratulations! Like Lize said, keep us updated, we love to hear from you :) 

Fantastic news! 

Congrats, Sophie!

Great news @Sophie Flux ! Whats the job?

Amazing news, Sophie! Similar to Adam, I would be curious to hear what your job will be, with which organization and where in the world - Congratulations!! 

Congratulations @Sophie Flux All the best.

Hi @Sophie Flux : how are you meanwhile getting on with this opportunity? We would love to hear from you!

Hi All,

The project I tried to use my PM skills on is nearly coming to an end as it finishes on 31st March.  My experience with it has been that all the risks and issues that Wild Team talked about regarding running a project if roles and leadership is not set out at the start came true!  We had 2 project managers (which is a no-no) then one left and that left a vacuum because the other leader didn't then want to be a leader!  My position was as a Work Stream leader. Overall, I have enjoyed the project and  I have learnt other skills on this project and met some great people, even if there was a lack of leadership.

I am about to start a fully paid position next month and I don't think I would have got that role if it was not for the PMWC and the Conservation Careers course I went on (they were the ones who told me about Wild Team).   

Thanks again to Wild Team and good luck to everyone who is trying to make a positive difference to our natural world,


Great 👍 

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Sophie! Wonderful news about your new position also- congrats! 

Thank you!