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Started 5 months ago

Hello! I'm Leland, a restoration ecologist with the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich. We are developing a network of restoration implementation experiments and conducting broad surveys to learn from the actors in the global restoration movement. I am excited to interact and learn from other WildHub members! 

Welcome to WildHub Leland great that you have joined us. That's such an exciting project please keep us updated! We have our monthly online gathering this Wednesday where you can meet the rest of the community. More info here. If you have any questions at all please get in touch. 

Welcome to WildHub, Leland!

Hey Leland, welcome to WildlHub! Would you be able to share what you have learned so far from other actors in the global restoration movement? Please also see our Contributor guidelines here for tips on how to write up such a lessons learned post :) 

Hi Thirza, we're still in early days but I would be happy to write something up at some point. Thanks for sharing the guidelines.