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Jambo from Kenya!

Started 6 months ago
Hi, my name is Ouma Oluoko. I am the CEO of Oluokos Signature. I am a highly experienced tour operator, in touch with indigenous communities and ecosystems around East and Central Africa. I am extremely passionate about environmental conservation. My company, Oluokos Signature, provides the essential linkage between supply and demand by liaising with several eco-conscious organizations to design responsible tour packages that integrate environmental, cultural, and social considerations. I help my clients to responsibly experience pure value holiday bliss in packages within their budgets and style; Thereby implementing positive environmental and social impacts. My strong interpersonal skills enable me to quickly adapt and build rapport with my clients, fellow tour operators, staff and guides thereby improving my efficiency and boosting professionalism. I absolutely love the outdoors and bird watching is my cup of tea, anytime. I also enjoy hiking, biking, and sky-watching. My personal mantra is ‘Travel opens your heart, opens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell. For more information about the company, kindly visit: https://www.theoluokos.com

A warm welcome to WildHub, Ouma Oluoko! Looking at your line of work, what been the most valuable memory to you personally with regards to the wildlife there? 

Hello Thirza,

Thank you very much for your warm welcome. The most valuable memory to me personally was when I bumped into a juvenile Lanner Falcon that had fallen off the nest in the heart of Nairobi city. This was in one of the government buildings that's highly protected and my involvement in saving this young bird caught a lot of attention from the public, media outlets, and security personnel. To make my story short, I was arrested for this and it took an intervention of the wildlife authority in Kenya for me to be freed but without the bird. 

So I went back and we pleaded with them to give us the bird so that we could return it to where we suspected it had fallen from, something that was even more difficult because of the sensitivity of the building. We got the bird back but had to feed it for about two days before it was adopted by a raptor specialist in Naivasha. After being examined and it was found that it was healthy without any injuries, it was hand-fed, and in about a month's time, we witnessed the bird being released in one of Kenya's national parks Tsavo. 

I have been in love with nature since childhood and even now I am still dedicated to doing so. I operate sustainable and life-changing holidays and I am currently working on https://www.theoluokos.com/aderema-by-oluokos-smile-with-nature/

We are also fundraising for the same initiative so that we can contribute to the well-being of our destination through sustainable tourism. Please find more details about our fundraiser for the Aderema Hills Sustainable Tourism Initiative - For Nature & People here  Feel free to donate to our noble cause and also share. Should you be in need of more details, I am available for a virtual meeting.


Ouma Oluoko

Welcome to Wildhub, Ouma! I appreciate the sentiment about traveling that you shared, and I look forward to hearing some of the stories you have picked up along the way :)  

Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction Ouma and I love the project "smile with nature". Very excited to see what you do next. Please check out our upcoming socials where you can connect with and meet other community members on the platform. More info here! 

Dear Lize,

Thank you so much, Lize. It's a pleasure to meet you. I will most definitely do so.


Ouma Oluoko