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May 01, 2022


Hi everyone, My name is Lize and I have just completed my masters in conservation at Plymouth Uni. I have a passion for science communication and rewinding as well as rehabilitation of animals. I also love the use of technology, specifically cameras, to enhance scientific research. My MSc project looked at using thermal imaging cameras to identify seal injuries in wild grey seals at Brixham marina! 🦭 I have just secured a part time job as membership officer at the marine biological association which I am loving already and can't wait to connect with more people on here
Apr 25, 2022

Ciao everyone.

Ciao everyone, I’m so pleased to be part of this community!  I am a snowboard and kitesurf addict based in the UK.With a background in visual communication, I specialise in animation and Illustration.As a fan of outdoor sports, I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the complexities of the ecosystem. It makes me want to do all I can to preserve the environment and see it flourish.  My mission is to make nature conservation more accessible to everyone. I run an animation studio called Motion Aptitude, our purpose is to raise awareness and drive people to act on issues regarding wildlife, environmental science and animal welfare. Motion Aptitude is the fusion of two of my biggest passions in life: creativity, and the great outdoors. My vision is to inspire a new generation of action-driven environmental enthusiasts. Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all :) Giuseppe
Mar 28, 2022

Humble beginnings

Hi WildHub Community, It's great to be a new member here and start to learn and share experiences with everyone. I live and work as an ecologist in the field in Australia for a NGO called the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. During the pandemic with border closures I got stuck outside of Australia and it forced a rethink on on how I could work. Importantly I have been trying to diversify my network so I can keep well connected whereever I am in the world. The conservation world is a fascinating world to be a part of, and can literally take anywhere in the world, whether in person or through reading/listening. I'm humbled to be part of WildHub and look forward to sharing stories and experiences with the broader community. I am a scientist but sort of feel a jack-of-all trades as I dip my toes in science communication, networking, fundraising and strategy for some of my time.
Mar 25, 2022


My name is Vincent Ayang from Nigeria and currently work with the Nigerian program of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) where I manage a protected area that I known for its gorillas and chimpanzees. I have interest in collaborative conservation, protected area management, and natural resources governance with special interest in the conservation of the critically endangered cross river gorilla.  I look forward to learning from you all, while also sharing my experience. Cheers!
Mar 04, 2022


Hello everyone! I'm Robin, and I'm here to learn! I'm from the northeastern US, currently living in New York state. I'm in my first year of a Master's in Anthrozoology, and am passionate about wildlife rehabilitation and behavior. Most of my work with wildlife has been with raptors and other birds, but I've done some environmental education too. I'm especially interested in efforts to make wildlife conservation work and knowledge accessible to everyone. I'm excited to join this community and learn about all of the great things happening across the world!
Feb 24, 2022

Hello from Australia

Hi Everyone, I'm glad to have joined Wildhub! In a nutshell, my experience lays within ecology, translocations, monitoring and management with a particular focus on Australian threatened mammal species. I started my career in an NGO and now work in government. I have also dabbled in pollination ecology and political ecology. Check out my profile if you'd like the long-winded version. Looking forward to connecting :)
Feb 24, 2022


My name is Victor Chanza who is a new member to this wonderful family. Yesterday i had challenges to join in the preliminary introduction session. I am based in zambia and looking forward to contributing positively in this group.  I am a lawyer and academician with more than 15 years of work experience. I am interested in a number of topics and i am open to any discussion. Those planning to visit the lower zambezi and the mighty victoria falls one of the 7 world wonders, you are most welcome. 
Feb 21, 2022

Hello everyone!

My name is Juriko and I am from Perú. I graduated from biology like 7 years ago and since then, I've been involved in the conservation field, especially in tropical forest conservation. Now, I am working as a Wildlife Assistant Program in WWF Perú, where we work with priority species in the Andean Amazonian landscape. I am so happy to join this community and very looking forward to connecting with you!
Feb 11, 2022

Hello conservationists!

Jambo! Glad to be here! My name is Kevin Lunzalu, an early career conservationist from Kenya. I'm currently studying towards a Masters degree in Coastal Science & Policy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My capstone project focuses on the impact of plastics (both macro and micro, but mostly micro) on the suitability of critical nesting sites of sea turtles in Kenya's South Coast.I'm more into conservation policy, particularly meaningful inclusion of young people from local & indigenous communities into national and international conservation & climate frameworks. This is largely why I co-founded the Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network, a fast-growing youth-led & youth-focused organization that brings together young people (with or without conservation backgrounds), to help take strategic action, input in policy roadmaps, and co-create solutions that respond to the conservation challenges that Kenya currently faces.  I'm open to any discussions, and happy to meet as many of you wonderful people as I can, so that we can trade ideas, experiences, opportunities, and knowledge! One area I have been roughly thinking about is maybe co-create a podcast platform to co-share youth perspectives on local-to-global conservation policies,  success case studies, and how we can co-design youth-focused projects that enhance North-South partnerships to realize transformative conservation action and intergenerational equity.  My emails are klunzalu@ucsc.edu or kevin@youth4biodiversity.org 
Feb 11, 2022

Hello everyone!

Hi all! I'm Lucy and I'm currently studying MSc Sustainability and Ecology at the Centre of Alternative Technology, Wales.  I have an interest in IUCN red-listed species, UK BAP species, rewilding, reintroductions, habitat restoration, and environmental/ecological research.  Work-wise, I previously worked for the Field Studies Council (FSC) as a Higher Education Placement. This  formed part of my Bachelor's, as all students had to complete a mandatory placement year. I have experience assisting in teaching children from primary schools to A-Level students. Providing equipment and resources for university and adult groups, completing preliminary site visits, and helping local conservation efforts were also duties placement students fulfilled.  More recently, I volunteer part-time with a couple of environmental charities as it gives me a bit of flexibility while I study.  I joined Wild Hub with the goal of networking with others, and seeking training and career opportunities. Hope you all have a lovely day! Lucy
Feb 08, 2022

Hi Everyone!

My name is Emily Duwan and I am the new Program Officer for the Marine Conservation Action Fund at the New England Aquarium. I provide operational, strategic and communications support to deliver on MCAF’s global conservation mission.  I'm based in Somerville, MA, and an alumna of the Three Seas Program at Northeastern University. Happy to be part of this community and look forward to connecting with everyone!

Hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone! I'm Temi from Nigeria, and currently doing a Master's degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town. I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. I  found this page when seeking an internship in the conservation sector for 2022, which is required for my curriculum. However, after meeting the individuals in this group, I decided to join in order to learn, offer my abilities, and get access to opportunities.

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I'm excited to meet you all and hear your stories.