Building our community

Please share your ideas for WildHub activities here, to help connect the members in our community, strengthen existing relationships and start up new collaborations. 

Ideas for building our community

Started over 1 year ago

Excited to hear your ideas on how we can build, grow and strengthen our community.

quiz nights? conservation karaoke? 

Don't you mean Konservation Karaoke?! (I really hope not as it makes me cringe as I write it!). 😬 

I love the idea of a quiz night, especially right now when we can't actually go to one at the pub. 

What do people think about the idea of a live yoga session? I don't know about you, but if I am watching a pre-recorded yoga video I only seem to be able to get half way through it!

I like the idea of more informal opportunities for people to connect, quiz nights and yoga sound good to me!

Maybe a space for people to share more about themselves using fun quick fire questions (e.g. If you could be any animal what would you be and why? or what would your conservation superpower be?), a creative space for people to share photos or artwork, or a discussion room to share news/research/thoughts with instant, interactive polls?!

I like the idea to share artwork - a good space to showcase collaborations between artists and conservation, or perhaps conservationists who are creative. 

I like the idea of having a space to share artworks and to talk about conservation and art!

I am a professional artist, but also a conservationist. So, I combine these two things on a daily basis. I was planning to start a related coversation, but did not have time to do it yet. Would it be useful if I will create a new conversation with a short introductory video, so that people can use that conversation to post their creative photos or artworks? Or do you think we need to create a separate room for that? 

Lovely Katie who was in my Master's cohort is a Yoga teacher! She ran an Instagram live yoga lesson for a charity I work for and I've seen she also does zoom yoga classes. Nice Conservation Chill Out opportunity!

Hello Sarah, Your friend's intagram is great and I am very impressed that she can do a headstand on a paddleboard, that is one of my life goals! I'm organising a yoga session as part of the WildHub festival with another yoga teacher, but seems like Katie is one to remember for future sessions! 

Amazing! Looking forward to your yoga session already Beth!