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Some ideas for WildHub

Started 6 months ago

As I was chatting with @Thirza Loffeld @Lucy Tallents and other WildHub members on today's social I got a couple of ideas that I'd like to put forward to the community to see it anyone thinks they might be worth keeping. 

1. A communication space like a 'job board' for members who either are looking for volunteers and interns, or for members who want to gain experience in a particular area of conservation and are willing to be interns or volunteers for any space of time.  I think many WildHub members may see some value in this. Fore example, I am looking for an intern in communications, marketing and social media for the entrepreneurial side of my conservation and climate education work. 

2. Thirza mentioned plans to build even more inclusion into WildHub by setting up country ambassadors and spaces for members to meet in different languages, growing the global accessibility of the community. I think this is a great idea, and it made me think that another angle on this might be to have specific subject groups that any member may join. Something akin to the Species Specialist Groups set up by IUCN. For example, I would love to see and belong to a Climate Change group within WildHub, to meet other WH members who have interest in, or even work in CC-related aspects of conservation (e.g. Ecosystem-based Solutions).

Just some ideas! 

Hi @Alan J. Hesse thanks so much for sharing these ideas from the social! We do not currently have a room dedicated to volunteering opportunities but we encourage members to create posts for the job opportunities room! If you are still looking for an intern definitely create a post for this room and feel free to add a banner image to draw attention to the post. We also encourage those looking for volunteers/interns to post this on their profiles and vice versa if you are looking for an opportunity. 

In terms of increasing accessibility through different languages, this is something we are very passionate about as a team. We are, unfortunately, limited in terms of our means so it is something on our radar that we can hopefully begin to implement in the future. 

For subject groups, we do have a range of different topics as separate rooms and we have included the sustainability room as an area for climate change discussion. There is also the marine conservation room for climate change related issues specifically impacting the marine environment. 

If there are any further suggestions or topics that many of our members have highlighted please feel free to feed this back to us either on here or via email at: 

Thank you!

Thanks Lize, good to know!