Community Management room

Community Management room

Community Managers and people who chair their own (private) rooms on WildHub - this space is for you!
Jun 10, 2020

Thoughts on cover photos for rooms

Hello all,I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips for choosing cover photos for rooms? So often the photos I choose just don't show up, but you can't find this out until you save the room and then view it, so it can take time to find one that works and that looks good! Generally, I use for photos (I think a lot of people do!). Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks, Beth

About this room

This room is dedicated to exchanging best practices on community management and any questions & answers on how to set up and run your own room on WildHub. This could be for the purpose of creating an online presence for the network or group you are currently chairing or, for example, because you would like to create specific training rooms. 

By sharing your questions in this room, other room chairs and community managers can benefit from reading the answers provided or even help answer your questions. If you click the 'watch' button in the room's banner, you will be notified as soon as I have answered your question or when another room chair has posted a question. 

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