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Ascension Island Conservation Internships

Started 7 months ago

If anyone is looking for an internship I can highly recommend working on Ascension Island. Internships run for 1 year and are unpaid however travel to the island, accommodation and subsistence are covered. There is so much to get involved in within the department, seabirds (I was the conservation seabird scientist there for 5 years), turtles, plants and fisheries. Please pass on the information to anyone who might be interested. 

I think someone on Ascension has forgotten to pay the internet bill, I keep getting a 509 error that the site owner has reached their bandwidth limit. Do you have another link or could you post the information and how to apply on here? 

Hi Alexander, the link seems to be working for me but there are occasional issues with internet due to the island's location. Internet allowance renews on the 1st of the month so might be worth another try. If you are still having issues and are on Facebook try the 'Ascension Island Conservation' page.

Thank you, it has started working again now. Sending in my application so fingers crossed!