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Looking for NW England/ Manchester job opportunities or networking!

Started 25 days ago

Hello! I am moving to Manchester soon(ish) and looking for jobs or even interesting projects to look into! If you know of any job opportunities or even can link me up with any of you NW contacts that would be amazing! 

Rosie :) 

Hi, Rosie! Have you checked out the member directory? You can search for members who live or work in that area. By "watching" this room, you can get notifications when a new opportunity arises. @Lize Gibson-Hall and @Thirza Loffeld, do you know anybody specific?  

Hi Rosie, Thank you so much for posting this. Just as Lara said please feel free to watch the room so you can stay up to date with new opportunities. I would also recommend searching back through the room and looking at previous jobs posted in the North West to see if you can contact the member that posted them about further opportunities. Also yes please search through our member directory! You can do this by location or keyword. Good luck on your move!

Thanks both!