Collaborate and help others

Collaborate and help others

A space to share opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and general requests for help (see also our Q&A section in the left-hand menu). 

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Cash for Conservation

Do cash transfers lead to conservation outcomes? Cool Earth would love to hear you opinion in a research study titled Cash Transfers in Conservation: An exploration of the views of conservation professionals. This survey is aimed at any conservation professional, regardless of specific previous experience with cash transfer or cash giving programmes. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.  What do you think? Please let us know here.
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Online survey: Mindfulness as a Conservation Leadership Tool

People working in the conservation sector face multiple complex and relentless challenges every day that are very often outside our control. To be successful in our work, we need to be able to manage demanding workloads with few resources,  deal with constant change, react swiftly and surely at times of crisis, truly understand others and their needs, find creative and transformative solutions, build meaningful relationships and exert positive influence at all levels of society, retain hope and positivity in the face of the significant environmental challenges we face; recognise personal vulnerability and maintain a high level of personal resilience. As a means to better meet these challenges, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) started working on a pilot project to embed mindfulness within the working culture of the organisation. I am undertaking an academic placement as part of the MPhil in Conservation Leadership to generate information that will be complementary to this project. The aim of this placement is to understand the extent to which mindfulness could help to improve conservation leadership and the working culture across the Cambridge Conservation Initiative partners. If you work in conservation and practice mindfulness, I would appreciate it if you could contribute to this project by answering this brief online survey: If you have any questions, please send an email to the following address:
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Internship position

Hi everyone! I am a master's student in the Netherlands trying to find an internship in the field of Wildlife Conservation and management, for 4 months starting from January. I would really appreciate it if you could share opportunities or suggestions :)
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Postdoctoral position

I am Asghar searching for postdoctoral scholarship/fellowship in biodiversity conservation of wild animals or wild edible plants.
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Experiences about the possibilities of cooperation between birds and people

Welcome everyone! I am looking for professionals who have practical experience in the relationship and interactions between birds and agricultural production. I am the developer of a special agroecological system called the bird-human cooperation system. I am looking for similar sample projects from all over the world for my soon-to-be-published book. More information about my work and bird-human cooperation:…… Contact me here or at my e-mail address: Boglárka
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Offer to Help

As a digital nomad, it's often difficult for me to find ways to work on non-virtual conservation efforts. However, I'd like to help when and where I can. So, if anybody needs help on a project in Aberdeen between August 7-September 5, feel free to reach out. 
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Citrus greening aka. Huanglongbing

Hello all, I'm currently writing an assignment on citrus greening, and I was wondering if anyone has had first-hand experience with it. The assignment focuses more on the potential gene-editing might have as a solution to citrus greening, and what sustainability pros and cons arise from it.  If anyone has had any first-hand experience with citrus greening or has an opinion of gene-editing as a solution for combating citrus greening, feel free to comment or message me. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Lucy
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DISABILITY, CONSERVATION & TOURISM The challenge is that people with physical disability, especially from Africa, can’t afford the cost of a visit to a national park. Some of them live close to protected areas their entire lives without ever seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. They hear wildlife stories that are more fiction than fact tainting their views of the natural world.  Special Safari’s Africa:  Our goal to  involve people with disabilities in tourism activities by offering free safari tours - Serengeti National Park and organizing tricycle tour ride challenges inside the protected areas escorted by rangers working at the Kijereshi Game Reserve. Together working in team work and collaboration we can promote tourism activities to people with disability across Africa and beyond. For more information and registration drop email to Mr. David kabambo / WhatsApp Number:+255 757 88 97 94.
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Burpees for Conservation

Hey 😊 Is anybody still looking to get that beach-body for summer, procrastinate on exam preparations, and wanting to do good at the same time?#BurpeesForConservation is a cool way to do all the three at the same time! concept is easy:You get somebody to sponsor you with 1 South African Rand for each burpee you do in the challenge-time (ten days from today) and then you just get going…Starting today, log as many burpees as you can on money collected goes to a project that trains and equips anti-poaching teams in the Greater Kruger national park area.Unfortunately, due to Covid and the missing tourists wildlife there is under immense pressure from locals as well as professional poachers at the moment.The challenge runs from today and for ten days from now. I am sponsoring myself and committed to doing 1000 burpees (Yes, I will definitely regret this!​​), but if you are not so much on the sporty side you can still help by sponsoring somebody else!My friends over at Africa Trails Co. are still looking for some sponsors, for example.Every little bit is greatly appreciated!If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 😊Also, let me know if you are interested to join with burpees - I'd be happy to team up and support/motivate each other!I think it’s a great project and an amazing way to get funding and also have full trust in that the money goes into an cool project that uses it wisely!Have a great day and happy burping 😃
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French translation (and other translator) support

With the Partnerships and Organisational Development team at FFI we are very much looking for a source of translators with reasonable rates, French being at the top of the list. I would be so grateful if anyone can direct me to translators they might have worked/work with who we could approach for support with verbal translation during our webinars and training sessions?  Please get in touch with me directly if you have suggestions.  Many thanks, Laura
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New protected area (in Belize!) in need of guiding plans for management

Hello WildHub Hive,  I'm hoping this is the right place to ask my questions (if not, please let me know!)  I'm working with a newly established conservation NGO in Belize that has been entrusted to co-manage a protected area with the Government of Belize. The protected area is new to this NGO and has been lacking active management for many years.  The NGO is eager to develop the following guiding documents: 1) Surveillance and enforcement plan 2) Data collection protocol 3) Community Outreach plan I've searched google high and low for general outlines or templates for these plans and didn't have much luck. I know alot of the information within these documents is context-specific to the country/region, but I'm hoping some of you might have an idea as to what a basic template would be for these.  I'm also wondering if the NGO would hire a consultant to develop and finalize these documents, how would the NGO gauge how much to budget for consultant fees. How do you figure this out?  I would be so grateful for any/all comments or advice - please feel free to respond here or to my email -  All the best, Megan
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Story Map Platforms

Hello Wildhub community!  I was interested as to whether anyone had any suggestions for  free, online platforms for the creation of story maps?  I am asking my graduate students to create story maps for their Urban Ecology course, but I am always interested in new resources to share with them.  We often see them using Knight Lab, Google tour builder, Arc GIS, but if there are any others you would recommend, please let me know.  Thank you! 
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Prioritizing Project Focus Tool

Hello Community!  I am looking to see if anyone out there uses any sort of tool/framework/Rubric for identifying and prioritizing your conservation projects?  We are in the process of identifying what the conservation priorities will be for our organization and know we will need to develop some sort of mechanism to help us do that. We are aware of the tool used in the Open Standards, but just wondering if anyone else had something they had developed or a resource you could recommend.  Thank you!