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Experiences about the possibilities of cooperation between birds and people

Started 3 months ago

Welcome everyone!

I am looking for professionals who have practical experience in the relationship and interactions between birds and agricultural production. I am the developer of a special agroecological system called the bird-human cooperation system. I am looking for similar sample projects from all over the world for my soon-to-be-published book.

More information about my work and bird-human cooperation:……

Contact me here or at my e-mail address:


Hi Amrein, interesting. I have worked on birds in the agroecological system in part of Nigeria. I could share one or two information on birds and agricultural production in Nigeria via your email. 

This is super! Unfortunately, the scientific research is currently only available in Hungarian, but I will be happy to send you a summary in English in the next few days - if you are interested. What does bird-human cooperation mean, how is it implemented in practice, what are the development opportunities, etc. You would like?

Hi Amrein, thanks for sharing your request for collaboration. I will at-mention some people below that I think could perhaps chime in here too.

Seeing as you already have some interest here, I will delete the duplicate conversation you started in the sustainability room to keep the discussion focussed in one place. 

All the best with your book and I look forward to hearing how you are progressing! 

@Scott Ashley Grey Hartle : hope you are well - did you or someone in your year focus their research project on birds in agroecological systems? 

Hi Thirza, thank you for letting me know about this amazing work.

Hi Amrein, nice to e-meet you. For my MSc I conducted biodiversity studies in El Salvador, specifically looking at the presence of birds within the coffee growing regions across El Salvador.

Currently, I am in Indonesia where I started and manage a sustainability program including three farms based within a wildlife rescue centre. We are currently conducting a biodiversity study across the three farms cataloguing the presence of birds and amphibians.

Please let me know if any of this information would be relevant to you. 

Thank you and good luck.

Dear Scott! 

This is great, exciting and valuable work, congratulations! Do you deal with net profit analyses? Win-win relationships between birds and farmers, predation indicators, role in pest control, weed seed distribution or reduction, niche theories, or other investigations related to agriculture?

Have a nice day: Boglárka