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Internship position

Started 28 days ago

Hi everyone!

I am a master's student in the Netherlands trying to find an internship in the field of Wildlife Conservation and management, for 4 months starting from January.

I would really appreciate it if you could share opportunities or suggestions :)

Hi, Marialuce. Would you expand on the type of internship you want? Are you looking to work in a particular region? I also made some suggestions in the other conversation you started :) @Thirza Loffeld 

Thanks for the suggestions!

My master is in biology (focusing on mammal conservation) and business, and my next internship should be in the business field, in order to gain knowledge on management, communications, fundraising etc. Ideally, since I would like to became a Wildlife conservation leader, I'm looking for something that help me grow professionally and personally for the previous mentioned role. I would prefer to remain in the Netherlands but I'm also open to other options.

Sounds fascinating! Please post updates if you have other reqs or get your internship opportunity. I'll message you if I think of anything else or find something that fits.

Hi Marialuce,

In addition to Lara's excellent suggestions, I wondered if you have checked out any opportunities at Apenheul foundation? They are a business but also registered as a primate conservation trust. Other zoos in the Netherlands that do conservation work may also be worth checking out if you haven't done this already. Not a business, but a foundation, who offer internships is the Future For Nature foundation. 

Hope these suggestions are what you are looking for? 

Hi Thirza,

Thank you very much for your suggestions! I contacted the Apenheul foundation, and also looked at other zoos, they often have great opportunities but that also require the knowledge of the Dutch language. I hope I can find something interesting soon! 

Please let me know in case you find something that might align with what I'm looking for :)

Thanks again!