Collaborate and help others

Collaborate and help others

A space to share opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and general requests for help (see also our Q&A section in the left-hand menu). 

Apr 29, 2021

Story Map Platforms

Hello Wildhub community!  I was interested as to whether anyone had any suggestions for  free, online platforms for the creation of story maps?  I am asking my graduate students to create story maps for their Urban Ecology course, but I am always interested in new resources to share with them.  We often see them using Knight Lab, Google tour builder, Arc GIS, but if there are any others you would recommend, please let me know.  Thank you! 
Mar 15, 2021

Burpees for Conservation

Hey 😊 Is anybody still looking to get that beach-body for summer, procrastinate on exam preparations, and wanting to do good at the same time?#BurpeesForConservation is a cool way to do all the three at the same time! concept is easy:You get somebody to sponsor you with 1 South African Rand for each burpee you do in the challenge-time (ten days from today) and then you just get going…Starting today, log as many burpees as you can on money collected goes to a project that trains and equips anti-poaching teams in the Greater Kruger national park area.Unfortunately, due to Covid and the missing tourists wildlife there is under immense pressure from locals as well as professional poachers at the moment.The challenge runs from today and for ten days from now. I am sponsoring myself and committed to doing 1000 burpees (Yes, I will definitely regret this!​​), but if you are not so much on the sporty side you can still help by sponsoring somebody else!My friends over at Africa Trails Co. are still looking for some sponsors, for example.Every little bit is greatly appreciated!If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 😊Also, let me know if you are interested to join with burpees - I'd be happy to team up and support/motivate each other!I think it’s a great project and an amazing way to get funding and also have full trust in that the money goes into an cool project that uses it wisely!Have a great day and happy burping 😃
Nov 10, 2020

Prioritizing Project Focus Tool

Hello Community!  I am looking to see if anyone out there uses any sort of tool/framework/Rubric for identifying and prioritizing your conservation projects?  We are in the process of identifying what the conservation priorities will be for our organization and know we will need to develop some sort of mechanism to help us do that. We are aware of the tool used in the Open Standards, but just wondering if anyone else had something they had developed or a resource you could recommend.  Thank you! 

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