Conservation and Covid-19

Conservation and Covid-19

At WildHub, we would like to help you stay connected to your co-workers and peers in conservation by providing a space to exchange information and solutions to work challenges during the global Covid-19 situation. 

Ways to help people decide on field work or what to do when stranded because of cancelled flights, closed borders, etc.

Started over 3 years ago

Hi all, 

Could I perhaps ask you to introduce yourselves by mentioning where in the world you are right now, what the situation is there and whether you had plans to go elsewhere (e.g. for field work or to return home)? Also, please add any thoughts on what helped you or prevented you from continuing with your plans. I am currently gathering advice for people who have to make these decisions still (e.g. MSc students) - so any of your thoughts can really make a difference to someone else at this stage. 

Many thanks for your time and hope you are all well and safe!



Thanks Thirza for starting a conversation about this!

My name is Lindsey and I'm in the 3rd year of my PhD in the UK. I am feeling badly for those who were about to embark on their fieldwork but are now prevented from doing so, or those who will have difficulty getting back if they are currently doing research elsewhere. I'm also feeling anyone who will struggle to cope with all of this sudden change - we need to look out for one another as best we can.

I am grateful that I've been able to collect my data and that I was already primarily working from home to analyse and write up. But with school closures immenent in the UK due to the impacts of the virus, I will soon be joined by the rest of my family. Writing a PhD with my two yound children at home is going to be... interesting

I worry about the impacts that prolonged isolation will have on people in the coming months. Hopefully platforms like this will help us all to stay positive and connected. It's great timing for the WildHub!

Keep safe and well everyone,



Thanks Lindsey for sharing! I really like the picture also :)

Just to say that we will have a WildHub Community check-in this Thursday at 10am and 5.30pm (London time) to battle any feelings of isolation and share thoughts on how this situation impacts our work - link will be shared in this group soon! 

Also, Beth and I recorded a video today on 'tips on working from home' which will be posted in this group shortly. I look forward to hearing everyone else's advice on this too. Just thinking, maybe I should record a sequal with you Lindsey of how to work from home with young children around?

More soon!


Sounds great Thirza! Happy to help with a video... interruptions guarenteed ;)

ps. the photo is not my husband OR my kids, just a great meme.