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Insurance for Not for Profits! Searching for a 'Green Insurer'

Started 9 months ago

I have been looking for some simple insurance but it seems like a lot of talk and greenwashing in the corporate sector. our renewal is coming up currently with Nature Save (not a recommendation)

Mainly Brokers saying they are carbon neutral and then all pointing you to AXA etc.

Is there a truly green insurer out there or is it picking the best of a bad bunch?

I am also trialling this as my first conversation to gauge reaction & skill set of this community.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question to the WildHub community. I would recommend you posting this question in our Q&A section (see left-hand menu or link below) because your question seems to be addressed to our wider community, not just our coaches. Many thanks!


I have shared it to Community questions. Thank you!

Hello I placed this here, but I cannot find it when I type insurance into the main website... 

Can we tell if anyone can see this and where would I find this?


Hi Michael, 

Yes, your question is visible in the Q&A section of our site. You can find this section when you go to left-side menu (click left of our WildHub logo). Then go to Q&A. 

You have already received a response from Lucy Tallents. Please make sure you turn on your email notifications for Q&A. More information on how to change email notifications can be found via the link below. When other members have turned on their Q&A email notifications, they will receive an alert when someone posts a new question or answer. Unfortunately, our Q&A section is currently not included in the search function, only posts, videos, pdf content, and member profiles are. I will make a note of this and bring this to the attention of our platform provider Zapnito to explore if Q&A can be included in the search function - thank you for letting me know about this observation.