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How to boost content and participation?

Started over 1 year ago

I recently posted a blog asking members to "Sketch Your Conservation Project" and to- date it has 46 views and 3 likes. Does anyone have any advise on getting this post promoted? Also, how best do we encourage participation? As far as I know, nobody has shared a sketch yet.

Thank you,

Good question, Carolyn!

If you're not getting much activity within the existing WildHub community, I suggest trying to bring people in from other spaces, where conversations around art and conservation are already happening (I assume these exist but don't know about them myself).

So you can share more on social media, but before you do that, reach out to individuals who might be willing to share their own sketches on the basis of a personal ask from you, to get some activity going first.  Make sure there's a range of artistic ability in there if you want it to be inclusive - I personally would be put off if I only saw professional-quality sketches that I couldn't hope to emulate!

HTH, curious to hear advice from others

Great ideas, thanks Lucy.

Thanks so much for your input @Carolyn Rosevelt, MSc (she/her) and @Lucy Tallents. Would definitely love to pick this up and gain some more ideas. Please feel free to send me a message if you want to discuss further :D