Chita Ranjan Sahoo

PhD Research Scholar, Siksha O Anusandhan Deemed to be University

Chita Ranjan Sahoo is presently perusing PhD at Central Research Laboratory, IMS & SUM Hospital and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (Deemed to be University), Bhubaneswar since 2017. He was former Research Assistant in a National project of TB, funded by NIRT at ICMR-RMRC, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India and former JRF (Junior Research Fellow) at RPRC (Regional Plant Research Centre) Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He obtained his M.Sc. (Master’s degree) in Biotechnology, Utkal University, India in 2014. Chita Ranjan has been published several peer-reviewed papers including research articles, review articles, abstracts, book chapter, and books. Chita Ranjan is an Editorial board members of Language of Environmental Impact Assessments, Conception of Parataxonomy and Concept of Eco-tour. Moreover, His contribution towards problem to key solution in research achieving Chief Minister Award- for the year the 2016-17 as youth innovation, Young Scientist Award in Science-2018, Rajiv Gandhi Prativa Puraskar Odisha Forum, Prakrutibandhu Award-2019 and a few more. By visionary thinking of Chita Ranjan, invited as resource person and lecture talk at several organizations. Area of interest: Algae & Seaweed Biodiversity
Abhishek Behl @🏠

Business Dev & Sustainability | ABN-AMRO Sanctuary Earth Awardee 07 | MSc @DICE_Kent | Also @WildNavigator @TravelingwithMS @Trav_Able | #RRMS Dx07 on DMD, Behl Consulting

Olivier Chassot

Candidate, WCPA Chair, IUCN

I was born in Switzerland, but my current home is Costa Rica where I have been living with my wife and daughter for the last 25 years. Over two decades, I have developed extensive knowledge in sustainability topics along with a wide experience in designing, fundraising, and implementing conservation biology programs, biological corridors, project planning, implementation and monitoring, the leadership of inter-institutional alliances at the national, bi-national, regional and international level, as well as in the creation of protected areas. My areas of expertise include biodiversity, landscape issues, connectivity conservation, transboundary conservation, protected areas, and World Heritage Sites, sustainable development, wildlife, governance, and ecosystem conservation. I have worked for local and international NGOs and the academy, and define myself as a passionate conservation practitioner compromised with high standards of excellence, and a team player able to build strong intercultural relationships. I love trail running, photography, reading, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people from different cultural contexts. I am fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, with limited working proficiency in German and Indonesian. I am currently learning Mandarin and Arabic.
Chewe Chiti

Currently unemployed, Currently Unemployed

Onkemetse Nteta

Programme Coordinator, WWF - South Africa

I'm interested in integrated landscape management - land protection, restoration, sustainable production, and livelihoods.
Andrew Gogarty

Postroom Operator, Publishing company

I am looking to follow professionals in the field and understand more about the opportunities out there. I have a degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on biodiversity and conservation, but I have almost no relevant work experience.
Pedro Miguel Gomes de Freitas

Conservation Biologist Looking For Opportunities, Unemployed

I am a Conservation Biologist actively looking for a job. Protecting wildlife is what drives me. I dedicated a large portion of my life learning about Conservation Biology and working as a volunteer in order to help non-profit organisations save habitats and threatened species. I've worked in the field and in the office with various people of various backgrounds. I've done surveys, monitoring, risk assessments, public engagement, woodland and grassland management, and GIS analysis and mapping. I'm specialised in birds, however, the work that I've done also involved other groups like amphibians, reptiles, mammals (rodents and bats) and plants. I'm actively looking for an opportunity to use my skills for nature conservation and/or to educate the public about wildlife and its importance.