Carolyn Rosevelt, MSc (She/Her)

Seeking GIS, Sci Comm, or Field Research opportunities, formerly NASA
Fai Collins Ndi

Masters Student, University of Bamenda

Lara Reden

WildHub Community Advocate, Self-employed

I want to have a positive impact on the environment and communities around the world. How I do this is pretty open; I have wide-ranging interests and am willing to adapt to changing circumstances.

Right now, I'm volunteering for the WildHub community and am happy to answer questions about the platform and do what I can to help connect people.

Guy Baker

Editor, The Marine Biologist magazine, The Marine Biological Association

Frank van der Most

Founder and Research engineer, Rubber Boots Data

Data, databases and apps ( Claris FileMaker ) for nature conservation and sustainability research. Funding expertise as a bonus

Temitope Rebecca Adelola

Program Mnager, EdenWorld Initiative

Temitope is a Nigerian-born and an advocate of sustainable forest and nature management with over four years of experience. She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Technology in (Forestry and Wood), from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria, and she is currently enrolled for her master’s degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town South Africa.

Temitope focuses on improving community restoration and conservation outcomes through quantitative, qualitative, and experimental research. She has her Interest in research that will contribute to theories and knowledge to improve socio-ecological interactions, environmental policies, decision making, education for behavioral change, conservation management, and livelihood development programs. She is interested in theoretical concepts around functional ecology, priority effects, and resilience to understand ecological behavior in response to restoration practice.  She works across relevant nature management practices and ecosystems such as drylands, rangelands, wetlands, and savannas. Her current MPhil. research is focused on understanding the pied crow population and breeding success in the arid areas of Karoo regions, and their predation impacts on plover’s species in the Berg River estuarine area of South Africa.

Temitope has her passion in scaling up the implementation of conservation projects and restoration knowledge through project management, engagement, education, research, and communication. With hands-on experience and field exposures, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) for her National Youth Service, Project Coordinator at World Ecological Concept Ltd,  cofounder/Program manager for the EdenWorld Initiative (, volunteered with the Global Landscape Forum as the Social Media Ambassador, and an intern with IUCN forest on Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework related to Forestry, Agriculture, and Sustainable development at Washinton DC.

Previously, Temitope served as the Vice President of the International Forestry Student Association of her school and won the best essay on “How Africa and African Student Benefitted from Networking in Forest Education” from the IUFRO.

Outside the workspace, Temitope enjoys graphics, photography and editing, videography and editing, and content writing.

As part of her study program and sponsorship for her study through the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program, Temitope is expected to do an internship which is part of her course curriculum. Hence, she is seeking a conservation organization to intern within 2022.

Eka Cahyanignrum

Carbon Inset and Sequestration Manager, Carbon Ethics

Primate Conservation | Project Management | Field Work | Blue Carbon Restoration |
Giuseppe Forestieri

Animation Director, Motion Aptitude Ltd

Environmental enthusiast, snowboard and kitesurf addict.
With a background in visual communication, I specialise in animation and Illustration.
As a fan of outdoor sports, I’ve always been fascinated by nature and the complexities of the ecosystem.
It makes me want to do all I can to preserve nature and see it flourish.
My mission is to make nature conservation more accessible to everyone.
I run an animation studio called Motion Aptitude, our purpose is to raise awareness and drive people to act on issues regarding wildlife, environmental science and animal welfare.
Motion Aptitude is the fusion of two of my biggest passions in life: creativity, and the great outdoors.
My vision is to inspire a new generation of action-driven environmental enthusiasts.
I’m so pleased to be part of this community; helping organisations & environmental scientists promote their research and maximise their impact through compelling animated stories.

Samirah Siddiqui

Programme Coordinator, Global Environments Network

Marrian Tendai Rwizi

MSc Ecology student , Norwegian University of Life Sciences

I have been a biology teacher for the past eight years and I am transitioning from teaching to the Ecology and Conservation field. 

Katie Heffner

Senior Director, Partnerships and Engagement, Center for Behavior & the Environment, Rare

Josh Boyle

Education Director, ECO Consulting

Rinaldi Gotama

Marine Biologist & Data Analyst, Indo Ocean Project

I'm a marine biologist with experience working both in both marine and wetland ecosystems. My main interest is biodiversity, trophic interaction, spatial complexity, and human impact. I've been studying these topics in field-based experiments and observations but I'm also curious to explore them using genetic techniques (e.g., eDNA metabarcoding). I'm also a divemaster with 200+ logged dives and I'm experienced with leading and guiding dives. I'm casually looking for graduate opportunities (Master's/PhD).

Tien Nguyen

Project Manager, Fauna & Flora International

Christine Figgener

Director of Science & Conservation, COASTS

Olivia Walter

Executive Director, Wildlife Vets International

Stuart Paterson

Executive Manager, Conservation Leadership Programme, Fauna & Flora International

Chris Slappendel

Chairman , Wildlife Advocates Foundation

Really interested in tigers since 2012. Now running a news website on tiger related issues, as well as a charity to rescue wild animals from captive situations and release them back into the (semi) wild. Mainly working behind the scenes.

Cheryl Brown

Conservationist and Development Director , NA

I have 10 years of experience in animal welfare and conservation ranging from fundraising, strategic partnerships and communications as well as helping develop strategy and programs.  I'm also a licensed veterinary nurse.  I've done work in Zambia, Africa as well as on many elephant conservation campaigns.  My special interests are community conservation, counter wildlife trafficking, poaching , human-wildlife conflict, wildlife protection and behavior change. 
Fiona Tande

Freelance wildlife filmmaker, Pridelands Films

Maria Victoria Lassaga

Project Manager, Natura International

I´m PM4R Master certificated for BID and I work as a Project Manager at Natura International, an NGO dedicated to the creation of protected areas. I am in my last year of Biology at the National University of Cordoba and I am doing my final thesis on mammals in a reserve in my province. During my career I have done volunteer work in La Coronilla, Uruguay with sea turtles and I am currently doing a research internship in the project "Defaunacion de la mastofauna en la porción Sur del Gran Chaco Americano". I would like to specialize in conservation and ecology