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Dimitra Christidi

Wildlife Biologist , WildCRU

About Dimitra Christidi

I am Dimitra, a Wildlife Biologist from Greece. I was born in Athens, in 1993and have had a fascination for Nature, be it flora or fauna, from a very early age. I have been volunteering and working with many environmental NGOs, both in Greece and abroad. I have participated in field monitoring of many species, having a keen interest in cetaceans, carnivores and birds. Nowadays, I collaborate professionally with the Greek wildlife charity Callisto, that protects big land mammals like wolves and bears. Apart from field monitoring, I also offer environmental education for children and local communites. I am currently enrolled in Post-graduate Diploma of Oxford University, on Wildlife Conservation Practice, with WildCRU.


Rooms participated in:

WildTeam PMWC training room - July/August 2020