Karen Curiel Luna

Partnerships Developper, Lemu

About Karen Curiel Luna

🌎 Bachelor in sociology with expertise in international cooperation and development with a focus on gender and climate issues, especially in the framework of the Latin America - Europe bi-regional relation. Sound experience in research, stakeholder mapping and project design. Methodical, rigorous and detail-oriented. I am familiar with participatory and collaborative approaches for social research.

🎙️ Passionate about languages. I can speak Spanish, English, French and Italian (currently learning Portuguese). I have strong interpersonal skills and ability for supporting collaboration. I am adept at fostering productive relations and community building at all sectors and levels, including NGOs, academia and more recently in the private sector.

🌳 Enthusiast of ecosystems conservation and restoration. I am devotedly committed to engage multiple stakeholders through my daily work. My goal: helping to protect our planet and all of the species inhabiting it.

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