Laura de Kort

MSc student Animal behaviour: Applications for conservation, NA

About Laura de Kort

Broad-minded, creative beginner in the field of wildlife behaviour and conservation with an interest for conservation projects, anthropogenic effects on wildlife behaviour, combat against illegal wildlife trade, rewilding, marine pollution and behavioural ecology. Especially passionate about conservation of African mammals.

I like to search for opportunities to push my limits, enhance my social skills and cultural experiences, discovering the field of wildlife behaviour and conservation and gaining as much specialized experience as possible.

More information about the projects I have done so far:

  • Bachelorthesis about ecological detection dogs and feasibility in Flanders with an international survey about difficulties and achievements of organizations in the sector
  • Conducting an R based masterproject about socio-ecological factors influencing aggressive behaviour in the spotted hyena and  the possible contribution of this knowledge to long-term conservation
  • Collaborated with cultural diverse teams during voluntary work and internship abroad (Sweden, South Africa)
  • Small-scale research about differences in distance approach of African wildlife by foot, car and on horseback (Hoedspruit, Limpopo in South Africa)

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Rooms participated in:

WildTeam PMWC June-Aug 2021