How to benefit from our Member Directory

In our conservation community, we found that a supportive environment is crucial to feeling motivated at work, which includes support from other professionals, recognising each other for our work, sharing responsibilities, and treating each other with respect.

Isolation at work can happen, even if you are surrounded by people. Especially at this time, where a significant proportion of conservation professionals work in a hybrid environment (online + offline). 

How to connect through WildHub?

In the menu on the left-hand side (see the screenshots below) you will find our Member Directory. 

You can add one or multiple countries in the filter to check who of the WildHub community is near you. You can also select on areas of expertise if you would like to connect with professionals who are working on a similar topic.

By clicking on the name of a member in the overview, you will be brought to their WildHub profile. Here, you can click on "Follow" to be notified of any new content they publish. When clicking on the "start Conversation" button, a chat will pop up where you can say hi to that member. Alternatively, check the "Details" section in their WildHub profile to see if you find their contact details. 

Give it a go - find 5 members who are working in the same geographical area or have the same expertise as you. Then give them a follow and send a message to say hi!

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