Reducing emails over the holidays, WildHub update

Would you like to reduce the number of emails waiting for you after the holidays? Here is a quick way of adjusting your email notifications for your WildHub Digest newsletter.

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In this 3-minute video, I show you how to change the email notifications for your WildHub Digest, the newsletter that you determine the content of. 

Here's a description:

You can change the content and frequency settings of your digest under the Accounts Settings page (under your avatar/profile picture to the top right of the site). Scroll down and click on 'Tailor Digest', you can then indicate whether you would like to receive your digest newsletter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or turn it off (indicated by a grey toggle). Below the digest frequency, you determine the content of your newsletter by selecting the channels and rooms you'd like to feature in your digest email. 

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and see you in the new year! 

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Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. For several years, I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. These programmes are aimed at building conservation capacity and promoting stewardship. I currently conduct my PhD research on the professional development of conservation professionals and work as Community Manager at WildHub.
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