Turtle Dove at EMP 150720

Topical for our 6pm group!

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We've been talking in one of our 6pm groups about the decline in turtle dove population visiting east and southern England in recent summers (down 94% since 1995). This morning in an early visit to check on some sheep, I came upon this lovely scene. The turtle dove is sitting on top of the telegraph pole, singing to his nearby female, and also eyeing up the black medick, bird's-foot trefoil and clover plants that provide the small spherical seeds that they feed on. The location is just north-west of Peterborough, at the top end of Cambridgeshire. 

Martin Parsons

Great Fen Voluntary Officer with the Wildlife Trust BCN, Wildlife Trust BCN

After many years working Perkins Engines Company as an engineer focussed on reducing diesel engine exhaust emissions, I have changed direction, and am now working in conservation. I have completed the first year of an MSc in Applied Wildlife Conservation in Cambridge (ARU). Since Oct 2019 I have been working as a voluntary officer for the Wildlife Trust BCN on the Great Fen project. I am also heavily involved with the Langdyke Countryside Trust, who look after 200 acres of nature reserves in Jon Clare Countryside, north-west of Peterborough (in north Cambridgeshire, UK). Like many others, my 2020 plans have been significantly impacted by the Covid19 lockdown, so I am looking for the positives, and pursuing opportunities to acquire new skills.
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over 1 year ago

Oh wow! That you so much for sharing Martin, very special. 

Go to the profile of Helen Simms
over 1 year ago

That's ace Martin, thank you.  Lovely to know who I've been listening to you talk about :)

Go to the profile of Rose Longstaff
over 1 year ago

I'm not in your group but I love this! Such a distinctive sound