Week 2 - SDWC 🌊

Getting stuck in to principles and stakeholders

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It was lovely to meet most of you in yesterday’s live sessions and welcome back those we already know. Thank you for making them fun and for engaging with the exercises.

One of the greatest advantages of online learning is its flexibility, that you can learn from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. As we mentioned in the live sessions, one of the biggest disadvantages of online learning is that it doesn’t always leave enough time for connecting with other participants and having that feeling that we are all sharing the same experience. As much as possible, we try and recreate this with the WildTeam online training workshops by using technology. It isn’t perfect, but we think it is a good start. This is achieved through talking in real-time in the live sessions and by using this private room here on WildHub to share our stories and experiences. Fostering these connections will be a great way of increasing the sense of community within the group, and could even pave the way for future collaborations, so I encourage you to take advantage of these platforms.

There are two videos this week, you can find them in the shared google folder in the ‘Week 2’ folder, here. The videos and associated pdf presentations are:

  • Principles
  • Engaging stakeholders.

Each of these has quite a few exercises in. The exercises for the principles presentation are recorded in the classroom worksheet here. For the engaging stakeholders video you each have an assessment worksheet here (please only edit the one with your name on, if you don't have one with your name on, create a copy of the blank one and rename it with your name). There is one exercise that asks you to post an image on here, to do this:

  • Go to contribute at the top right of WildHub
  • Click "Create a post"
  • Click "New post" top right corner
  • In the toolbar click the "Insert/edit image" option
  • Then click "upload"
  • Don't forget to select this training room from the right-hand side.

The second live session will be at either 10 am or 6 pm GMT on the 17th of February. We will start on time, however, if you can’t make it for the start of the session then please do join in when you can, even if just for the last half hour we will be happy to see your faces there.

If you have any questions please get in touch via email or in this private room.

Warm wishes,


Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of a odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training workshops. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. I really enjoy geeking out reading teaching theory and thinking about ways I can more creatively and engagingly deliver learning. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when is is being a bit annoying!
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