Week 3 - SDWC 🌳

Important info about week 3 material and exercises

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Thank you so much to those who joined in the live sessions yesterday, it was lovely to chat about principles and engaging stakeholders.


This week's videos and presentations are uploaded to the week 3 folder, here. This week there is just one video:

  • Carrying out a situation analysis.

If you have any questions about this week’s topic then we will be happy to chat either via email or on here.


In next week’s live session we will be doing lots of exercises around this topic and creating our own situation analysis. One of the exercises this week is to suggest topics you would like to create a situation analysis about in this room as a post. If you don't have a specific example you would like to work on, then please comment on someone else's suggestion who is going to be in the same live session as you and we'll team you up. You don't need to be an expert on the topic! But that said, once you’ve chosen a group, if you don’t know much about it, I’d recommend spending some time, perhaps 15 minutes, reading up on background information, for example, the main threats and some human behaviour contributing to that threat. 

Here are some examples of conceptual models previous participants have created:

  • Earthworms
  • Sea birds
  • Pine martens in the UK
  • Great barrier reef
  • Orangutans and palm oil
  • Pangolins
  • Great yellow bumblebee
  • Barn owl 
  • Green turtle
  • Golden lion tamarin.

It helps to think of a biodiversity target to focus on, e.g. tundra forest, rather than the threat, e.g. illegal wildlife trade.


There will be no time for the Kahoot in the live session this week sorry, but you can do it still, see this sheet for details. It isn't quite as fun as doing it together, but still a useful learning tool.

If you’ve lost the link to join in with the live sessions you can find pinned to the left-hand side of this room. If you can’t make the live sessions, you can find a recording of it here.

With warm wishes,



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