Writing for conservation: lessons learned

In this clip from the WildHub Festival 2021 event 'A fire-side chat with Authors & Educators on a Mission' the group members answer the question: "What was the the biggest mistake you made in your journey writing about climate and conservation?"

Authors & Educators on a Mission members @Neil Kitching @Gloria Barnett @Kevin Albin and Alan J. Hesse are all authors as well as active environmentalists and climate educators. As any author will agree, writing books can be a tricky endeavour - particularly if you are self-published. 

In this clip, the authors share their mistakes and lessons learned on this aspect of their individual journeys. 

Facilitated by @Lucy Tallents with the support of @Thirza Loffeld

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
12 months ago

Love this clip! Thanks for sharing your lessons learned @Alan J. Hesse , @Neil Kitching , @Gloria Barnett , and @Kevin Albin with our community, much appreciated. I have selected this post to be included in our next Highlights newsletter. Happy holidays everyone! 

Go to the profile of Kevin Albin
12 months ago

That's really pleasing, Thirza, thanks. 

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
12 months ago

Thanks @Thirza Loffeld ! Feliz christmas!