Collaborate and help others

Collaborate and help others

<p>A space to share opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and general requests for help (see also our Q&A section in the left-hand menu).&nbsp;</p>

Experiences about the possibilities of cooperation between birds and people

Welcome everyone! I am looking for professionals who have practical experience in the relationship and interactions between birds and agricultural production. I am the developer of a special agroecological system called the bird-human cooperation system. I am looking for similar sample projects from all over the world for my soon-to-be-published book. More information about my work and bird-human cooperation:…… Contact me here or at my e-mail address: Boglárka
Jul 21, 2022

French translation (and other translator) support

With the Partnerships and Organisational Development team at FFI we are very much looking for a source of translators with reasonable rates, French being at the top of the list. I would be so grateful if anyone can direct me to translators they might have worked/work with who we could approach for support with verbal translation during our webinars and training sessions?  Please get in touch with me directly if you have suggestions.  Many thanks, Laura
Jul 08, 2022

Offer to Help

As a digital nomad, it's often difficult for me to find ways to work on non-virtual conservation efforts. However, I'd like to help when and where I can. So, if anybody needs help on a project in Aberdeen between August 7-September 5, feel free to reach out. 

About this room

In this room, we dedicate space to requests for help (e.g. surveys, expert knowledge) and to share opportunities to collaborate. 


*) Be specific which help you require exactly. Add for example which questions you need answered, for surveys: specify closing dates and your target audience (who should complete it?). 

*) Be brief and to the point: add contact information if you like people to get in touch with you directly, but be mindful that this is a public forum and your contact details will be visible online, also to non-member audiences. 

*) Stay focused on a single topic per request or opportunity to increase clarity