IG Lives, by UK Youth for Nature members

UK Youth for Nature run regular Instagram Lives with people in the sector who inspire us.
IG Lives, by UK Youth for Nature members

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Hi all!

Amongst the many other hats I wear, I'm the Head of Communications for UK Youth for Nature - the leading UK youth movement calling for urgent action on the nature crisis. We run regular Instagram Lives with people who inspire us, with different members of our community of 16-35 year olds conducting the interviews. Our next one is tomorrow evening (9th of January) at 6pm with Mary Colwell - writer, wildlife film producer, founder of Curlew Action and campaigner for the Natural History GCSE - the course that's making all wish we could go back to school!

We've also hosted Climate in Colour, Leif Bersweden and Jasmine Isa Qureshi, and we've got heaps more exciting guests coming up.

I wanted to share this with the community both to promote the IG Live series as I thought some of you may be interested, as well as to create awareness of the organisation in general. If you're aged between 16-35 and living in the UK, and want to join a community of nature-lovers who are collectively campaigning to help the UK's wildlife and wild places, get in touch. Our community is constantly growing and whatever your skill set, you'll be welcomed with open arms! Find out more here, and feel free to drop me a message on any of our social media channels (@UKYouth4Nature) if you want more information.

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