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DISABILITY, CONSERVATION & TOURISM The challenge is that people with physical disability, especially from Africa, can’t afford the cost of a visit to a national park. Some of them live close to protected areas their entire lives without ever seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. They hear wildlife stories that are more fiction than fact tainting their views of the natural world.  Special Safari’s Africa:  Our goal to  involve people with disabilities in tourism activities by offering free safari tours - Serengeti National Park and organizing tricycle tour ride challenges inside the protected areas escorted by rangers working at the Kijereshi Game Reserve. Together working in team work and collaboration we can promote tourism activities to people with disability across Africa and beyond. For more information and registration drop email to Mr. David kabambo / WhatsApp Number:+255 757 88 97 94.
Feb 22, 2022

Citrus greening aka. Huanglongbing

Hello all, I'm currently writing an assignment on citrus greening, and I was wondering if anyone has had first-hand experience with it. The assignment focuses more on the potential gene-editing might have as a solution to citrus greening, and what sustainability pros and cons arise from it.  If anyone has had any first-hand experience with citrus greening or has an opinion of gene-editing as a solution for combating citrus greening, feel free to comment or message me. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Lucy

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