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Nov 10, 2020

Prioritizing Project Focus Tool

Hello Community!  I am looking to see if anyone out there uses any sort of tool/framework/Rubric for identifying and prioritizing your conservation projects?  We are in the process of identifying what the conservation priorities will be for our organization and know we will need to develop some sort of mechanism to help us do that. We are aware of the tool used in the Open Standards, but just wondering if anyone else had something they had developed or a resource you could recommend.  Thank you! 
Sep 09, 2020

DEFRA grant: Madagascar

Hi everyone, this grant seems like a great opportunity to perhaps pull together a team of people to deliver a unique, innovative and community empowering project.  We would love to be able to train up local communities in how to use drones for a range of purposes such as monitoring forests and radio-tracking wildlife so they can create alternative employment options based on conservation.  If this sounds like something that your organisation would like to include in an application for this grant then I'd love to hear from you! Cheers Debbie, Wildlife Drones (

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