Looking forward to the course!

Looking forward to the course!

Hi everyone!

My name is Craig, and I am joining the course from Aberdeen in Scotland (UK).

I am passionate about supporting global efforts to mitigate both man-made climate change and biodiversity loss. Specially, I’m currently in the process of enacting a 'double-career-switch' from oil industry scientist to renewable energy professional and part-time / amateur conservationist.

As for my reasons for joining the course, I recently completed a ‘career orientation’ course specifically for the conservation sector. Through this course I identified Project Management and Programme Management as areas of conservation that would particularly suit my interests and expertise. And whilst I have worked in project management roles in the past; I have never undertaken any formal training, nor have I practised project management in a conservation context.

I am also hoping that taking part in the course will help me as I continue to develop my understanding of the various roles required by the conversation sector. It looks as though there are about 70 of us joining the course this time around, and I’m really looking forward to learning about the various roles and projects that you are all involved in!

Looking forward to catching up at the live events.


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over 1 year ago

Welcome Craig! You are exactly right, there are 70 of you here :) So a great diversity of experience. B