Building our community

Building our community

<p>Please share your ideas for WildHub activities here, to help connect the members in our community, strengthen existing relationships and start up new collaborations.&nbsp;</p>
Jan 22, 2024

How to use our Community's meeting space (on Gather): would a Q&A session be useful?

Hi all,  Building on @Paul Thung 's previous idea to use our Community's meeting space on Gather for the Conservation Social Science Reading Group he initiated, I was wondering if a Q&amp;A session on how to use this online space would be useful. Or could the information video (see link below) provided by @Lucy Tallents, who designed our Community's space on Gather, be sufficient for that purpose? Thanks for letting me know your thoughts! I appreciate your time to respond. 
Jan 05, 2024

Conservation social science reading group, anyone?

Hi everyone, I try to (somhow, somewhat) stay up to date with the social sciences on conservation, and was wondering if anyone might like to read stuff together on an irregular basis? I'm initially thinking of some recent case studies and perspectives that are on my reading list anyway (such as this and this), but am open to ideas. Let me know if you're interested and we can see where things lead us! Paul

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In this room we discuss opportunities to connect with each other online and offline. Also, please share any ideas you may have on activities for our WildHub community, including our annual WildHub Festival.