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Hi! Freelance Scientist looking for the next collaboration

Hi there! I'm Amy. I've been following WildHub on Twitter and just recently decided to join. I'm a freelance scientist/INGO consultant living in South Africa. I'm American but have been living in ZA for over 6yrs with my spouse and trying to find my way in the world. I have a lot of experience in international development, living and working in East and southern Africa. I'm a biologist and geographer by training. I've always had a love for wildlife and conservation - I served in the US Peace Corps as a Parks and Wildlife Volunteer in Malawi. Currently, in collaboration with my husband and a small team, we serve our small rural communities with reptile education and assistance - mostly with snake catching/short distance relocation. I use every opportunity to educate community members on snakes. I'm playing catch up in knowledge/experience to my spouse and the big players in country. I'm also learning about local frogs.I primarily do remote work, with some international field work when needed. I consider myself a highly adaptable generalist. I am interested in so many things! My best projects and collaborations have been with PIs where I wasn't expected to know everything and could learn on the job. My latest publication (Nov 2020) was with the Mountain Goat Molt Project where we used community photography to investigate phenology (which got me really into citizen/community science!). I'm very proud of the work we accomplished - it was truly a global collaboration.I'm currently learning R in my spare time, hoping to gain further skills to be helpful when collaborating on projects. Looking forward to following and getting to know many of you here!
Oct 08, 2020

Hello from WA State!

Hello everyone. I am checking in from WA State. I graduated Cumma Sum Laude in Feb with a BS in Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management. Thanks to the pandemic, I have been unable to do volunteer work locally to gain any experience. The few places near me have closed. I am 51 with a household and bills so I cannot quit my current job to do unpaid internships or volunteer work. Hence, I am struggling to try and find any type of employment in the field. I am hoping to make some connections here to help facilitate that.I am looking to switch fields after spending 22+ years in IT to do something to help make a difference in the state of our planet. I would love to go into education or species conservation either in the US or abroad. Though I would like make an impact abroad a bit more.My hobbies include computers, some gaming, and taking care of my niece's pregnant horse.

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In this room, we ask members to introduce yourself on here, tell us a bit about yourself, where you are from, and why you decided to join our WildHub community. Please include some professional information, but also something fun (e.g. what is your favourite type of chocolate, best wildlife encounter ever, etc.). If you could include a photo of yourself as well that would be great, as not everyone has a profile picture that is easy to see their face or even of them! Alternatively, you could introduce yourself by recording a video on our video panel option. Go to 'collaborate' in the right upper corner of the site > 'host a video panel' and choose the record this panel option. After you have introduced yourself, go to your profile picture (avatar) in the right upper corner > 'my videos' and you will find your video there. Click on it and you will be able to post it to our room via the right hand menu. Let me know if I can help by emailing me at thirza@wildteam.org.uk 

I'm excited to meet you all and hear your stories.