Building Organisational Resilience

Building Organisational Resilience

Learn more about what it means to be a resilient organisation, and how to assess where your own organisation is on its resilience journey.
Mar 23, 2024

Creating social content is about more than keeping up with trends.

While trending audio can provide an extra push for your social content, the content itself must bring value to your target audience in a way that incites more than relatability.  In my years working in social media, I've seen numerous posts go mega-viral: likes and views were through the roof, shares were high, and perhaps even the comments section included many, "Omg, this is so me!"'s.  Yes, these posts are viral, but Was your brand memorable from the video?Did those views and engagements translate into followers? As a result, does your audience better understand your organization's mission? Recently, a Reel that I created for Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy went viral to over 1M views, and it was EXACTLY the Reel I would have chosen for the attention and reach. Why? Everything about this reel (which also used a story-telling hook, trending audio, and artistic timing) pointed to ARC's mission and what their team accomplishes for the sake of amphibians and reptiles. Every viewer who watched this video should understand the value of biologists and conservation organizations a bit more. So yes, make videos that go viral because they're funny or cute, but also make videos that Educate: share your organization's current projects and solutions to your audience's problems.Engage: post shareable, saveable content and collaborate with local groups.Inspire: tell stories of past accomplishments, inspiring stories, and past/current partnerships. Check out the ARC Reel here (

About this room

Shocks in our natural, economic and social systems are increasingly the norm, and as threats evolve and intensify, so must the work and resilience of our organisations.

In this room, you will be able to share experiences, challenges, tools and resources to help your organisation and others better anticipate, cope and adapt to deliver conservation in our changing world. Learn more about what it means to be a resilient organisation, and how to assess where your own organisation is on its resilience journey. You can also share your questions and connect with others in the network to share ideas and support each other.

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Click here to access a prototype Organisational Resilience Check (ORC). The ORC is intended to support your organisation in identifying strengths and areas to strengthen. It can be used to discuss a broad range of themes. After you complete the ORC, your organisation can use what you learn to create an organisational resilience plan

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