Conservation and Covid-19

At WildHub, we would like to help you stay connected to your co-workers and peers in conservation by providing a space to exchange information and solutions to work challenges during the global Covid-19 situation. 

Jan 25, 2021

New publication on parks and COVIDFriends:

Attached is a new publication on the WTO web page a number of us in the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas co-authored.  A more extensive article on the same subject will be coming out in the journal Parks soon:
Mar 17, 2020

Ways to help people decide on field work or what to do when stranded because of cancelled flights, closed borders, etc.

Hi all, Could I perhaps ask you to introduce yourselves by mentioning where in the world you are right now, what the situation is there and whether you had plans to go elsewhere (e.g. for field work or to return home)? Also, please add any thoughts on what helped you or prevented you from continuing with your plans. I am currently gathering advice for people who have to make these decisions still (e.g. MSc students) - so any of your thoughts can really make a difference to someone else at this stage. Many thanks for your time and hope you are all well and safe!Best,Thirza

About this room

In this room, we would like to offer you the opportunity to connect to others who are in a similar situation; whether you are stranded at your field site, or not able to leave for fieldwork, or having to make the shift to work from home. Our conversations in this room are joined by experienced conservationists who have been positively impacting conservation goals by working from home for a number of years. Watch this space for more updates!